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Yoona said it: “Valentine’s Day is just a day to eat chocolate.”

The drama “THE K2” recently ended with positive reviews. [People] were gushing with compliments that it was a “rediscovery of Yoona” as an actress; how do you feel?
A: Personally, it’s a project that left lots of meaning. The role of “Anna” was different from characters I’ve acted out thus far, so I really wanted to do it. I’ve heard good things thanks to it, so I’m grateful and feel happy. I think more people are giving my acting attention now than before. I don’t know if it’s because I received lots of good energy acting with good actors, but it was a work that I had fun doing.

Q: “The King Loves” is a historical drama. It’s your first time doing a historical drama; do you feel burdened?
A: I’ve filmed a Chinese historical drama before, but it’s my first time doing a Korean one. It’s like my first time attempting a historical drama. Honestly, the tone of the lines is kind of burdensome. But after doing the reading a few times with the director and other actors, that burden has gone away. It’s because speaking comfortably in historical dramas, like you do in modern dramas, has been the trend lately. I think I got scared for nothing. I’ve been trying my best to speak normally, like I usually do.


Q: You also have the premiere of your film, “Confidential Assignment”, coming up. Congratulations on your first big-screen debut.
A: I’m happy it’s premiering right between “THE K2” and “The King Loves”. Because it’s my first film, I don’t have a lot of screen time. That’s why I liked doing this movie even more. I’m glad I was able to take my first step into film with good seniors. We had get-togethers after almost every filming, so, even though it was for a short time, we had lots of chances to get along together.

Q: When will we be able to see Girls’ Generation as a whole group?
A: You should look forward to it. As it is our tenth anniversary, I think we will work harder.

Q: Really? It feels like we haven’t seen Girls’ Generation in such a long time.
A: I can’t tell you anything in detail, but we are planning on releasing an album. And, I think we will have to come back? (laughs)

Q: You debuted at 18, and you turn 28 this year. It’s been exactly 10 years. You must be filled with emotions.
A: Time really flies. It’s already been 10 years… It hasn’t sunk in yet.

Q: I was also surprised. I think the general public also doesn’t realize that time has flown. I think it’s probably because there are still lots of things they want to see. How do you think you’d like to appear during the next 10 years?
A: I’m not sure; I just hope that I’m spending my time well. Both as Girls’ Generation and as my own self. Like how I’ve spent my past 10 years. It’s a “well” that consists of lots of meanings. (laughs)

Source: GGPM
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