Last night, Seohyun held her solo debut stage by performing “Magic” and “Don’t Say No” on Mnet’s “M Countdown”. After the show, Seohyun posted photos with Nicole and SHINee’s Key, before ending the night with one last picture to thank fans for their support.

Translation: “Came to cheer on my first solo debut stage today~~ Our Kolkolie💕 Really.. You don’t know how much strength you gave meㅜㅜ Thank you so much♡ Thank you so much for liking my music tooㅜㅜLet’s have a date again soon!!love ya😘 #ItsAGoodFriendship #DontSayNo”

Translation: “It was so nice to see you today~~ Talented key Kibum-ah!!! You’re a friend I’m thankful(?) for because you greeted me when I wandered the broadcasting station alone.. Keke #TalentedKeyImThankfulFor #DontSayNo”

Translation: “And… Spending all nightㅜㅜ All of our fans who cheered me on with loud voices without sleeping..ㅜㅜㅜ Thank you so, so, so, so much 💕 Thanks to everyone, I didn’t feel alone even though it was a solo~ Hehe, I love you all😍 Sleep well~~ Let’s meet again tomorrow~♡ #DontSayNo #Seohyun”


Check out Seohyun’s performances below. She will hold her next stage for “Don’t Say No” on KBS’s “Music Bank” tonight.

Sources: mcountdown@Facebook.com, Mnet K-POP@YouTube.com 1, Mnet K-POP@YouTube.com 2, Seohyun’s Instagram
Written by: kt9823@soshified
Contributor: SonexStella@soshified

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