Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year again: Soshified Awards 2016 is here. The categories this year are as follows:

• Favourite Soshified Moment of 2016
• Member of the Year 2016
• Staff Member of the Year 2016
• Favourite Thread of 2016
• Best Reviewer of 2016
• Article of the Year 2016
• Best Fanfic of 2016
• Favourite Soshified Author 2016
• Favourite Artwork Designer 2016
• Best Soshified Performer 2016
• Spammer of the Year
• Favourite SNSD Moment of 2016
• Favourite SNSD Quote of 2016
• Favourite Live Performance of 2016
• Favourite Fashion Moment of 2016
• Song of the Year 2016

There’s a little over a week left to submit your nominations for your favourites in each category; voting closes on December 18th, and all winners will be announced on December 25th. Nominations can be sent to takenine — please follow the detailed instructions outlined in Soshified’s forums.

Thanks for a wonderful year, and here’s to an even better 2017!