taeyeon rain was too depressing

On February 25th, Taeyeon posted a photo and began to interact with fans in the comment section. The original replies are listed below, with the English translations in italics. Subsequent related posts are also included.

Taeyeon: 레인포스터 넘 우울해서 바꿨어요
(Rain poster was too depressing so I changed it)

Taeyeon: 얼른 씩고자라
(Wash up quickly and go to bed)

Taeyeon: 스포 전혀 아니니까 씩고자러
(I’m not spoiling at all so go wash up and sleep)

Taeyeon: 내일 아침이 우릴 기다리고 있어요 매번 기다리고있어서 좀 부담스럽긴하지만 그래도 잘 맞이해야지🍒
(Tomorrow morning is waiting for us. It’s always waiting so it’s a bit burdensome but I will greet it well 🍒)

Taeyeon: 프로필사진 저거 저화질이에요 고화질로 곧 만나볼 수 있으세요
(This profile photo is low res; you’ll be able to meet it in high res very soon)

Taeyeon: 체리는 그냥 내가 좋아해서 단거야;;; 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
(I just attached the cherry because I like it;;; 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒)

Taeyeon: 뭔 말을 못하겠군 🐣
(I’m unable to say anything 🐣)

Taeyeon: 네 다음컨셉 체리 맞으세요 곧 만나볼 수 있으세요
(Yes, you’re right, the next concept is cherry. You will be able to meet it soon)

Taeyeon: 아 네네. 다음컨셉 병아리도 맞아요 곧 조만간 만나볼 수 있으세요
(Ah yes, yes. That’s right, next concept is a chick too. You will be able to meet it very soon)

Taeyeon: 병아리알에서 깨어나오면서 각기춤 추려구요^^ 미국에 알댄스 배우러 가야겠네요 조만간 미국어딘가에서 절 만나볼 수 있으세요
(I’m going to do a dance as I’m hatching from the egg^^ I need to go to the US to learn the egg dance. You will soon be able to meet me somewhere in the US very soon.)

Taeyeon: 그쵸! 시간이 이렇게 된거 탱시까지는 찍고 자야죠
(Right! Time has become like this, so I should sleep after taking a photo of Taeng o’clock)
Translator’s note: “Time has become like this” means “it’s late”. “Taeng o’clock” is 3:09, which are the same digits as Taeyeon’s birthday (March 9th).

Taeyeon: 흑발?? 단발에 흑발원한다고?? 아닐걸….?
(Black hair?? You want short and black hair?? I don’t think so….?)

Taeyeon: 다시 잘 생각해봐요. 너의 가슴이 손을 얹고 금발인지 흑발인지
(Think about it again carefully. Put your hand on your chest and think if it’s blonde or black hair)

Taeyeon: 이렇게 답글이 쏟아지는데 끝말잇기를 어떻게해요! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Comments are pouring out like this, how are we supposed to play Shiritori! Kekekekeke)
Translator’s note: Shiritori is a word game.

Taeyeon: 흑발했을 땐 갈발해달라고~~~~~~~ 갈발해달라고.
(When I had black hair, you begged for brown hair~~~~~~~ Begged for brown hair.)

Taeyeon: 그럼 또 금발 해달라고오~~~~~ 아주 백금발해달라고.
(Then you’d beg for blonde hair~~~~~ Begged for very light blonde hair.)

Taeyeon: 아주 머리가 부서지도록 백금발했더니 이젠 또 흑발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂 너네 듀글래
(I had light blonde hair to point of hair damage & now you’re asking for black hair 😂 Do you guys wanna die)

Taeyeon: 그치만 알잖아요 나도 머리 가만못듀는거
(But you know that I can’t leave my hair alone)

Taeyeon: 그래서 짤렸는걸 👏
(That’s why it was cut 👏)

Taeyeon: 망한걸 보여달라..
(Show the ruined thing..)
Translator’s note: Taeyeon is probably implying that SONEs are asking her to show them “the ruined thing”.

Taeyeon then posted the following photo with the caption, “So be it”. The conversation is as follows:

Taeyeon: Teacher, I’m sorry.
Hairstylist: Heol
Hairstylist: Daebak
Hairstylist: What is this, kekekekekeke

taeyeon heol

Taeyeon: 저거 네이비야 원래… 옥수수같다고 하지마라라 😩
(That was supposed to be navy… Don’t say it looks like corn 😩)

Taeyeon then posted a third photo with the caption, “A selfie I just used, unable to make the light pour 🌙 #WashUpAndSleep”.

taeyeon stars

Taeyeon: 일단 얼른 다들 쥬무세요 🌙 그리고 잠시후에 또 봐요 아침에
(First of all, everyone hurry and go to sleep 🌙 And see you again soon, in the morning)

Later, the hairstylist also uploaded a picture onto her Instagram with the comment, “After that day…. This is how Taengoo short hair was born 😱 I could only cry but on the other hand, it was cute so I could only laugh… 😢 I need to be responsible 😖😂💪 Our choice was cool 😱😍👉 @taeyeon_ss
#ALUU #ALUUHair #ALUUJiYoungAssistantDirector ✂ #TaengooShortHair”.

taeyeon my oh my

Sources: Taeyeon’s Instagram, taengstagram, [email protected]
Translated by: SonexStella@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified

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