( Go watch bank president Sunny’s inaugural ceremony~ #SunnyBank)

Sunny: 사진이 약간 여름 느낌이긴 하다..ㅋㅋ
(The photo feels a bit like summer..ㅋㅋ)

Sunny: 써니 뱅크에 오시면 이런 행장 만나실 수 있습니다 찡끗 ^.~
(If you come to Sunny Bank, you can meet a bank president like this, wink ^.~)

Sunny: 일단 이름부터 대박감 아닙니까 녜녜
(First of all, don’t you think the name is daebak? Yes, yes)

Sunny: 풉ㅋ

Translator’s note: Sunny wrote a snorting sound.

Sunny: 모바일엔 써니 뱅크 지금 티비엔 뮤직뱅크ㅋㅋ
(On mobile, Sunny Bank and on TV, ‘Music Bank’ㅋㅋ)

Editor’s note: Sunny’s comments are referring to Girls’ Generation – TTS’s performance on “Music Bank”.

Sunny: 이행장이 기 팍팍 보낸다고 전해라~~
(Tell them this bank president is sending a lot of energy~~)

Sunny: 소금이랑 같이 스폰지밥도 포기하고 뮤뱅 보는중
(Gave up on Spongebob and watching ‘Music Bank ‘with Sogeum)

Sunny: 써니뱅크의 장점이요 고객님~?! 첫째 쉽습니다 둘째 빠릅니다 셋째… 제가 행장입니다 녜녜
(Benefits of Sunny Bank, customer-nim?! First of all, it’s easy. Second, it’s fast. Third… I’m the bank president, yes yes)

Sunny: 나온다
(Coming out)

Editor’s note: Sunny is commenting as Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun start performing.

Sunny: 마임하시는 댄서분 시강쪌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(The mime dancer steals the spotlightㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Sunny: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Sunny: 아….내일 음중도 본방사수 해야지ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Ah… I’m going to watch ‘Show! Music Core’ live tomorrow tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Sunny: 내일 태티서 기습이나 해볼까?..
(I wonder if I should ambush TTS tomorrow?..)

Sunny: 글쎄 생각해보고 풉ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Not sure, I’ll think about it)

Translator’s note: Sunny again makes a snorting sound.

Sunny: 내 스폰지밥은 그사이 끝이났고….
(My Spongebob ended in the meantime….)

Sunny: 이행장 저녁 배터지게 먹었다고 전해라~~
(Tell them this bank president ate dinner until her stomach was full to the point of exploding~~)

Sunny: 아쉬운대로 검정고무신…
(Regrettably, ‘Black Rubber Shoes’…)

Translator’s note: ‘Black Rubber Shoes’ is a Korean animated television show for children.

Sunny: 써니 뱅크 쓰세요 두 번 쓰세요 세 번 쓰세요 마구 쓰세요
(Use Sunny Bank. Use it twice, use it three times, use it as much as you like)

Sunny: 순로몬 출격
(SoonLomon attacks)

Sunny: 신한은행 사랑해주세요 써니뱅크 모델로 써니를 채용하다니.. 신박하잖아요~
(Love Shinhan Bank. They used Sunny as the model for Sunny Bank.. It’s fascinating~)

Sunny: 야식드세요 먹는건 오늘의 나고. 찌는건 내일의 나니까요.
(Eat a late night meal. Eating is me today. Getting fat is me tomorrow.)

Sunny: 치킨은 1일 1인 1닭. 아닌가요?!
(For chicken, 1 chicken per person per day. Isn’t that right?!)

Sunny: 소금이는 문을 열 줄 압니다. 화장실을 자꾸 따라 들어옵니다…
(Sogeum knows how to open doors. She keeps following me into the bathroom…)

Sunny: 다행히 소금이는 여자입니다.
(Thankfully, Sogeum is a woman.)

Sunny: 이소금 지 엄마 판박. 그게 나야 빠 두빠 두비두바
(Sogeum Lee is her mom’s sticker. That’s me, 빠 두빠 두비두바)

Sunny: 댓글놀이를 그리 했는데 이제 첫 참가라니… 흥칫뿡
(I did so many comment plays and you say it’s the first participation… Hmph!)

Sunny: 잘했어요 우쮸쮸
(You did well 우쮸쮸)

Translator’s note: Sunny is writing aegyo noises meant to comfort a baby.

Sunny: 아..씻고 왔습니다만..?!
(Ah.. I came back after washing..?!)

Sunny: 씻고 나선 뭔가를 덕지덕지 발라줘야 하지만… 귀찮으므로… 대충…
(After washing, you need to apply something… but it’s annoying… So I just did whatever…)

Sunny: 네 전 빨리 씻습니다..
(Yes, I wash quickly..)

Sunny: 기동력이 좋죠. 비상시에 유용합니다.
(I have good mobility. It’s useful for emergencies.)

Sunny: 늦잠을 잤을때라거나 늦잠을 잤다거나 늦잠을 자버렸다거나… 그럴때죠
(When I slept in, when I slept in, or when I slept in… Times like that)

Sunny: 자. 이제 뜨개질을 합시다.
(Now. Let’s knit.)

Sunny: 다들 자기껀줄 압니다…
(Everyone thinks it’s theirs…)

Sunny: 소금님 식사중ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Sogeum-nim is eatingㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Sunny: 봐도 봐도 흐믓하죠
(I’m proud just looking and looking)

Sunny: 그렇죠. 이제 슬슬 엎드려 만화책 시간이죠
(Right. Now it’s time to lay on my stomach slowly and read (manga) comic books)

Sunny: 귤은 이를 닦았으므로 패쓰
(Passing on tangerines because I already brushed my teeth)

Sunny: 최근 선물 받은 원펀치맨 1,2,3권이 절 반겨줍니다..
(‘One-Punch Man’ volumes 1, 2, 3, which I recently received as gifts, are greeting me..)

Sunny: 괴짜가족은 중딩때 다 뗐습니다~
(I already finished ‘Super Radical Gag Family’ in middle school~)

Sunny: 강철의 연금술사 봤다능..
(I watched ‘Full Metal Alchemist’…)

Sunny: 아 그거 19금임?! 더러워서?!?! 하긴 똥얘기가 반이긴…
(Ah, is that 19+?! Because it’s dirty?!?! Half of it was about poop…)

Sunny: 슬램덩크 인생작
(I recommend ‘Slam Dunk’)

Sunny: 유리가면
(‘Glass Mask’)

Sunny: 이행장은 코난보다 김전일을 좋아했습죠..
(Bank President Lee liked ‘The Kindaichi Case Files’ more than ‘Detective Conan’…)

Sunny: 이누야샤ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아아 추억 돋네염
(‘Inuyasha’ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah ah, memories)

Sunny: 20세기 소년ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 몬스터 보세염
’20th Century Boys’, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Watch ‘Monster’)

Sunny: 레이디버그 그거 애니채널에서 나오는거 아닌가요?! 전신 쫄쫄이?!
(‘Miraculous Ladybug’, isn’t that what plays on Ani Channel?! Complete bodysuit?!)

Sunny: 녜녜 애니 덕후라 죄송합니다..
(‘Yes, yes. I’m an animation geek so I’m sorry..’)

Sunny: 요즘 애들은 터닝메카드
(‘Kids these days like ‘Turning Mecard’)

Sunny: 참고로.. 접근성 때문에 애니덕후로 전환하긴 했지만 아직도 책장 넘겨가며 보는 만화책이 더 정감가긴 합니다.
(‘To note… I switched to being an animation geek for accessibility but I still find (manga) comic books you turn the pages on more appealing’)

Sunny: 요즘은 건어물녀 우마루짱에게…..
‘These days, ‘Himouto! Umaru-chan’…..’

Sunny: 웹툰은 찌질의 역사 시즌 3를 기다리는 중… 풍오빠가 사람은 헐랭하신데 작품은 훌륭하시다능!
(For webtoons, I’m waiting for season 3 of ‘History of Douchebags’…. Poong oppa’s work is amazing!)

Translator’s note: the title is a rough translation. Poong is the author of the series.

Sunny: 데스노트 두번 봤습니다
(I watched ‘Death Note’ twice)

Sunny: 만화를 안 본 당신. 운 좋으신 겁니다.. 인생의 반을 버셨습니다.
(If you’ve never watched anime. You’re lucky.. You’ve earned half of your life)

Sunny: 건담은 만듭니다
(I make Gundams)

Sunny: 녜녜 제가 만화만 안 봤어도…. 남자친구가 있었…을리가 없어~ 절레절레…
(Yes, yes, if I didn’t watch anime…. I may have had a boyfriend… That wouldn’t have happened~ Shakes head, shakes head…)

Sunny: 녜녜 남자는 2D로…
(Yes, yes, for men, I’ll go with 2D…)

Sunny: 다들 야속하시네요
(You’re all heartless)

Sunny: 소금이랑 놀아주고 왔습니다
(I played with Sogeum and came back)

Sunny: 오타쿠라 죄송합니다
(I’m sorry I’m an otaku)

Sunny: 썸은 저도 못타요 미안 조언 상대를 잘못 골랐어 주륵.
(I can’t do ‘somes’. Sorry, I didn’t pick people to advise me well, tears.)

Editor’s note: “Some” is a slang term that refers to when two people are not officially in a relationship but are more than just friends. This term became well-known after SISTAR’s Soyou and singer Junggigo’s duet of the same name.

Sunny: 아 이수만선생님 응팔 나오셨나요?!
(Ah, did Lee Sooman teacher appear on ‘Reply 1988’?!)

Sunny: 다들 자기랑 썸탄다는데…. 산을 타네요… 전 똥줄만 탑니다…
(Everyone says to be their ‘some’ but…. it’s a mountain to climb… I only have extreme anxiety…)

Sunny: 녜녜 써니 뱅크 쓰세요 많이 쓰세요
(Yes, yes, use Sunny Bank, use it a lot)

Sunny: 고객님 써니뱅크는 계좌 신규 계설도 가능합니다. 무려 서류 없이 ^.~
(Guest-nim, it’s possible to open a new account with Sunny Bank. Without any documents ^.~)

Sunny: 잠시만요 채널 좀 돌릴께요
(Just a moment, I’m going to turn the channel)

Sunny: 하유.. 뭐 다 봐서 볼게 없네
(Phew.. I watched everything so there’s nothing to watch)

Sunny: 아…입이 심심하네….
(Ah… My mouth is bored….)

Sunny: 하아….감튀는 글자로 봐도 정말….. 쪈다.
(Hah… Just reading the words French fries, it’s really… I crave it.)

Sunny: 딸기 나왔나요?!
(Did strawberry come out?!)

Sunny: 호빵 먹고싶다.. 팥 말고 야채호빵 피자호빵….
(I want to eat hoppang… Not red bean but vegetable hoppang, pizza hoppang…. )

Translator’s note: Hoppang is a pre-cooked ball of rice flour with a filling, typically red bean paste.

Sunny: 나가기만하면 바로 편의점 있는데…..
(If I go out, there is a convenience store right there…..)

Sunny: 떡볶이….튀김 같이 시켜서 국물에 찍어서… 크아~!!!!
(Tteokbokki…. Order it with tempura and dip it in the sauce…. Kyahhh~!!!!)

Translator’s note: Tteokbokki is a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chili sauce.

Sunny: 헐 갈비호빵 뭐얌
(Heol, what’s a galbi hobbang)

Translator’s note: Galbi is grilled marinated beef short ribs.

Sunny: 초코호빵 말고 초코크로….초코 크로아상
(Not chocolate hobbang but chocolate cro… chocolate croissant)

Sunny: 치킨은 엉터리 통닭
(For chicken, Eongteoli Tongdak)

(Translator’s note: Eongteoli Tongdak is a chicken restaurant in Itaewon)

Sunny: 배고파

Sunny: 소화력이 대박이구나하!!
(Digestion is daebak!)

Sunny: 눈이 또 왔으면 좋겠구만
(I’d like it if it snowed again)

Sunny: 눈사람 만들고 싶엉
(I want to make a snowman)

Sunny: 솔로가 뭐!!!! 왜!!!!!! 절규
(What solo!!!! Why!!!!!! 절규)

Translator’s note: This is a shrieking sound.

Sunny: 배곱ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
(I’m hungry ㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

Sunny: 소금이가뽀뽀해줘쪙
(Sogeum is giving me kisses)

Sunny: 꺄아

Sunny: 하아…소금님 강림….
(Hah… the descent of Sogeum-nim….)

Sunny: 소금이 팬클럽 명은 염전
(The name of Sogeum’s fan club is Salt Pond)

Sunny: 소금이가 팔 위에 누워서 잠시 중단 되었더랬죠
(Sogeum laid on my arm so I paused for a moment)

Sunny: 자.. 모두들 주무십시다
(Now.. let’s go to bed, everyone)

Sunny: 굿나잇
(Good night)

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sunny: 사랑한다고
(I said I love you)

Sunny: 잘자 내꿈꿔
(Sleep well, dream of me)

Sunny: Love you!!!!

Sunny: 사랑해잉
(I love you)

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sources: Sunny’s Instagram, SNSDTV, sunnystagram
Translated by: SonexStella@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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