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The entertainment world’s representative best friends, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and SISTAR’s Bora, met at a salon between packed schedules. The ladies with enviable faces, bodies, and friendship: their off-the-record story.


“We’re the same even in the fact that we like to snack! Chatting with a friend you love while eating dessert is healing time.” – Tiffany

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After some complications, we finally got to do this editorial shoot! This photoshoot would’ve been impossible if the two of you weren’t proactive.

Tiffany: As Girls’ Generation’s comeback was recent, my schedule was packed beyond imagination. So we tried to match schedules as much as possible, but there wasn’t an answer, so later, I emptied my heart; but really luckily, the timing worked out. The company knew well that Bora and I are close, so they willingly gave permission. For me as well, even though I was busy, the fact that I could do this Bora was an opportunity that I couldn’t let go.

Bora: You don’t know how excited I was to receive the editorial proposal at first. I always dreamed of doing something with Tiffany. So even though schedules were packed, I thought that we needed to shoot this time somehow.


“What do we do when the two of us meet? There’s nothing special. We chat, and if we feel like it, we sing songs and dance? Haha. Being quiet is not our style. Having fun and being energetic is BoFany style.” – Bora

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It’s difficult to be best friends with a member of a competitor girl idol group. What aspect did you find charming about the other person?

Bora: Tiffany and I are very similar, but also different. Since our interests are the same, we naturally became best friends, and because of our different personalities, we don’t collide, and have been well until now. For me, especially, I really like Tiffany’s bright and optimistic personality. Being beside her gives me strength and makes me happy.

Tiffany: If you look at us as a big picture, we are very similar, but if you get into the details, there are many areas where we are different. I don’t have a side of me that is meticulous or sensitive, but Bora’s personality is on the harmonious and soft side. Is that why we understand each other? The really funny thing is that Girls’ Generation’s manager oppas know how close we are, so they take care of Bora, as if she is our member.


“Normally, I have a lot of interest in visual directing. If I were to style Bora, I would pull back her easygoing image and want to transform her into a relaxed and sexy girl. Of course, bring to life her healthy mood even more.” – Tiffany

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From here, we are starting the best friend test! If you could list the evidence that shows off “We are this close”?

Tiffany: My body didn’t feel well, so I was home alone, but I really wanted ion drinks. I called Bora and said that if I drank this, I would have more energy, but I don’t have the strength to go buy it, and right away, Bora bought and brought several bottles of ion drinks and nursed me. Isn’t this hard to do if it’s not your best friend?

Bora: There are secrets between the two of us that no one else knows. And the strongest evidence of our friendship is that the bag that we cherish the most these days is a couple bag. Haha.


“When we were playing around taking photos, someone said this: It must be tedious to take photos, but we are amazing! When they say this, we say this back: ‘Work is work, and memories are memories’.” – Tiffany

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Do you see each other often on your own time? We’re curious about what female idols do to spend time together when they meet.

Bora: Even while we are busy, we tend to find time to meet. Of course, if we have overseas schedules, we may not see each other for a few months. When we see each other for the first time after a long time, we’re so busy having conversations that we had to postpone [previously]. And, this time I planned to travel together with Tiffany, but we were so busy, so regrettably it got canceled.

Tiffany: Bora and I make time for quick meetings often, no matter how busy we are. We go to nail shops, go shopping, and eat at delicious restaurants together. Recently, we were both in Korea, so we met often, and one time, we played together for the whole day, and after we said goodbye, we sent each other cheesy texts saying, “I’m happy to have a friend like you”. Haha.

If it’s not cheesy, then the romance isn’t honest. With that meaning, should we compliment each other’s looks?

Tiffany: More than anything, healthy and sexy skin! Bora has really good skin. So she’s pretty when she has makeup on, but even without it, her appearance is incredibly charming. Additionally, the botox treatment of skin club gives an amazing skin result. For your to be convinced, you can read the botox reviews in melbourne here at

Bora: Tiffany’s white skin and eye smile. If I resemble a cat, Tiffany resembles a very lovely puppy.


“I prefer looks that are feminine, yet chic. So I enjoy makeup for which the lips are the key point; these days I try to wear highly saturated hot pink lipstick on my lips.” – Tiffany


“My style doesn’t stubbornly enjoy one specific look, but I don’t want anything that makes liveliness disappear. This is the reason why I like fuchsia pink lips.” – Bora

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It’s very heart-warming. This is a sudden thought, but if you were to become an editor, and you could direct your best friend’s beauty editorial, what side of the other person would you want to show?

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Tiffany: Hm… I want to show Bora’s pleasantly simple but quite sexy appearance through the editorial. I already know how pretty Bora’s natural appearance is.

Bora: Tiffany has already shot so many editorials, and I don’t think there’s anything she hasn’t done… If that opportunity comes to me, I want to show Tiffany in a pure and girlish way, not flashy or overdone.


“We really have a lot of differences: from tanned versus light skin, glamorous versus slim body, to easygoing versus feminine personalities. But as time passes, the influences of these opposite inclinations become so natural. Isn’t that what a soulmate is?” – Bora

Going forward, we will hope that BoFany continues to receive love forever as iconic best friends in the entertainment world. Lastly, should we say words to each other that you couldn’t say before?

Bora: Before, when I was going through a tough time, when I would call Tiffany, she would run straight to me and listen to my concerns. Even when I think about it now, I’m thankful to the point that I don’t think I can say it all in words. So I hope we can continue this friendship and remain the representative best friends of the entertainment world forever.

Tiffany: When I think about it later, this best friend editorial that I shot with Bora will become a truly precious memory. Going forward, I hope we can be BoFany who can do everything in both work and friendship. And if we get the opportunity, I want to do a collaboration album with Bora, and I want to do an overseas editorial shoot. Next time, should we agree to an overseas editorial shoot with this crew?

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