The world is abuzz with the latest trend that has recently surfaced: spoons. Nine particular girls have been especially promoting it, and it can be argued that they even started the mania.

For example, Taeyeon discovered the entrancing effects of a spoon’s curvature.


Jessica has showcased the usefulness of a spoon as a banana pudding carrier (a supporter of exercise, perhaps not so much).

jessica banana pudding

Spoons are also a great way to meet people, according to Sunny.

sunny hello friend

Tiffany advocates that spoons look good through any Instagram filter.

tiffany that filter though

Spoons are also a great way to stay classy even while eating fast food, as Hyoyeon and Yuri have flawlessly shown.

hyori stay classy

Recently, Sooyoung has also modeled the spoon’s latest application as a fashion accessory.

sooyoung so fashion

We all know Yoona as a brilliant actress, but nothing quite gets across extreme skepticism as well as a couple of spoons.

yoona is skeptical

And last but certainly not least, spoons will always be there, even if Seohyun accidentally drops one of them once or twice.

So, what is the point of this latest trend, you ask? The answer is simple: there is none. Spoons have no points.

Written by: moonrise31@Spooned
Edited by: bhost909@Spooned

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