Updated on October 31th, 2014:

Jessica posted seven new photos on her Weibo account commemorating her time at the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am”. Along with the pictures, she added the caption, “Thank you Mission Hills for hosting such a wonderful event, the Spa was amazing too! It was good catching up with old friends and also making new ones. I even found someone that’s taller than me – he’s 229cm [laughing]”.

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Original article from October 27th, 2014:

Over the past few days, Jessica has been in China as a special guest of the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am” in Haikou. Other invitees included Chris Evans, Nicole Kidman, Jay Chou, Morgan Freeman, Yao Ming, and many more. Check out photos of Jessica’s arrival at the airport and at her hotel on October 23rd in Soshified’s Photos Section.


Later in the day, Jessica attended the first press conference for the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am”. Jessica was interviewed by the press, including YOKA Men’s Network. One question in particular that she answered was, “Do you think golf, or singing and dancing, is harder?” She replied, “I’ve been dancing and singing since I was little, and I’ve just started to play golf, so I think golf is pretty hard; you need to pay attention to all aspects of balance, strength, and more. But I like challenges, so I will diligently accept this one.” Jessica also won the “Popularity Award” for the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am” with over 800,000 votes. Jessica was very grateful for the honor and thanked her fans for the support. She received the award while posing for a picture with YOKA vice president, Sandy.


She also fielded questions from other press media, focusing mostly on her future plans and endeavors. Check out video coverage below. More photos from the first press conference can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

On October 24th, Jessica began the day by attending a second press conference for the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am”. Jessica again happily answered questions from the press alongside other international celebrity guests. Head over to Soshified’s Photos Section to view more pictures from the press conference.


The day ended with the “Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am” red carpet event. Arriving in a stunning white dress, Jessica brightly smiled as she walked down the red carpet, greeted her fans, and posed for photos. In a short interview, Jessica expressed her excitement over being at the event as well as being thankful for such a warm welcome. Check out the clip of Jessica on the red carpet below. Pictures of Jessica at the event can also be viewed below or in Soshified’s Photos Section. YOKA Men’s Network would also later reveal that Jessica and Chris Evans both won the “Best Dressed on the Red Carpet Award“. Jessica received the most overall votes with 753,120.

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On October 25th, Jessica took to her Weibo account to post pictures of the past two days. Along with her nine photos, she added the caption, “A wonderful evening with lovely people[hehe] @missionhillschina #2014WCPA #MissionHillsChina”.

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Later that same day, Jessica was seen playing golf, taking on the new challenge she previously spoke about. In the evening, she attended the “Celebrity and Pros Thank You Evening Party”. Check out Soshified’s Photos Section for pictures of Jessica’s golf session and at the dinner party appearance.

YOKA has also revealed that Jessica will take part in a video conference today, October 27th. Fans must first subscribe to YOKA’s Weixin account, YOKAMENCOM, to view the conference.


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