Vogue Girl
: I heard you participated in this TaeTiSeo album like a producer. What would the appropriate title when crediting you in the album?
Tiffany: I’m not sure yet, but I personally did the overall construction of the album, along with visual directing. For instance, deciding which songs would suit the album.


Vogue Girl
: The most ‘Tiffany-like’ album has come about then.
Tiffany: It’s most ‘TaeTiSeo-like’. Thankfully, Taeyeon and Seohyun fully trusted and supported me. I guess it’s an album that shows off our teamwork? If I were to express this album in one word, it could be ‘personal’. If Girls’ Generation seems to overtake concepts, TaeTiseo’s second album contains all of our real feelings and thoughts. There’s a song that Seohyun wrote too, so you can look forward to it.


Vogue Girl
: I’m curious as to where your inspiration for stage directing, styling, and song interpretation came from.
Tiffany: I gain inspiration from songs from artists I like, all designers’ collections from New York to Paris, movies, and things I experience around that time. The muse for this album was Jennifer Lopez. I listened to all the songs on her albums from her 1999 debut, all the way to her recently released 8th official album on repeat. The film I thought of was ‘Clueless’, starring Alicia Silverstone. It’s a movie that came out when I was really young, but the characters are vivid even when watching it now. I focused on distinguishing each the members’ characteristics for this album. For fashion, I looked up the Paris pret-a-porter collection, along with all other shows. I looked up the F/W collection in March, and S/S collection in October, as if I was a fashion editor.


Vogue Girl
: You ought to have a grasp on this F/W collection already then. Is there a look you applied to this album’s styling? Was there an item you especially wanted to have?
Tiffany: I chose 10 different looks for the album jacket image and music video filming. Ones that I can think of now are the color yellow, animal print with mixed color patterns, a white look, and cut out details. The white here wasn’t an innocent, simple feel, but a flashy, sexy white. They express it as ‘hot white’ in the west. Something I want this season is a long coat. I never even looked at them in the past, but heavy coats that come down to the middle of your calf look sophisticated. Oh, I still like checkered patterns. It’s to the point where I wear checkered clothes all the time on our currently airing reality program.


Vogue Girl
: Since you mentioned ‘The TaeTiSeo’, your clothes, makeup, hair, even your Los Angeles home became a hot topic. What did you want to show when the show started?
Tiffany: Showing our true selves outside the stage is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve talked with our company about it, too. The timing was right and we went on with it with OnStyle, and it’s almost exactly like what I pictured. Us on the plane, listening to music in the car, and foods we enjoy eating are all our true selves.


Vogue Girl
: After the first episode aired, there have been lots of responses from women saying, ‘I want a friend like Tiffany’. Like the show, if you were to invite your friends to Los Angeles, where would you go?
Tiffany: My schedules still don’t work, so I can’t been able to go, but I want to take my friends to Coachella. I want to let them feel everything there: the music, fashion, sun, and mood.


Vogue Girl
: I think you receive support from other women your age because of your honest appearance, wanting to let everyone know about fashion and beauty know-hows. There are people who want to keep that stuff a secret.
Tiffany: While doing the reality program, I’ve gained the nickname ‘gong-dap fairy’. They said it means ‘public reply fairy’, because I tell people everything, whatever the question. Haha. I felt really good. I like sharing know-hows if they can help other women become even just a little more prettier. I’ll continue to expose things a lot more. Ask me anything.


Vogue Girl
: Oh, okay. Then please let us know about any new exercise you’ve been doing lately, or a beauty tip, if you have one.
Tiffany: I’ve started pilates and gyrotonic. When your muscle mass decreases, your body shape changes, and start gaining muscle in places you don’t want. You need to do balancing exercises at times like that. For a beauty tip, I’ve been using neck cream diligently. After applying toner and serum on my neck, you apply a sufficient amount of neck-specific cream. The next morning, your neck should feel smooth. Also, I practice home care diligently. I take care of my hair and face with the same mount of standards, and, no matter how tired and exhausted I am that day, I never forget to cleanse my face and use facial masks. Once, I had to go to Los Angeles for K-concert and a ‘Vogue Girl’ shoot. I came home at 5:30 AM, and had to leave at 6:15 am. As soon as I got home, I removed my makeup, applied a facial pack, and packed my things in a trunk. You can get an idea of how I am, right? I’m not the type of person who lays and rolls around in bed.


Vogue Girl
: As of late, who has looked pretty to you? Is it still Blake Lively?
Tiffany: Of course! You can’t imitate her fashion or hairstyle. Not too long ago, we had to prepare stylings for a sub-title song, so I was re-watching ‘Gossip Girl’ from the third season. Even watching it again, I think Serena van der Woodsen’s style is the best. When it comes to makeup and hair, I search Lana del Rey’s look a lot. I think I have hundreds of photos of her in my phone. As a new style icon, I think Emma Stone looks the prettiest. When she appears on the radio, she wears a t-shirt and jeans, but dresses glamourously, and fancily for premieres. Also, when she did promotions in China, she dressed in a loveable way. It seems like she knows how to dress at different moments. I heard she appears in 1920’s styles in Woody Allen’s film; I want to hurry and watch it.


Vogue Girl
: This year marks exactly 10 years since you’ve come to Korea. If you were to go back to being 15 years old, and you could choose your own future yourself, what do you think you’d do?
Tiffany: Hm, if I could go back 10 years with all the knowledge I have now, I want to choose a job that is a little less stressful. I think I’d still be doing something in fashion, film, or music. I guess I could study acting and film in college and become an actress. (Vogue Girl: Then, if you could choose a film or role, what would you want to try?) I think either a delicate character like Daisy in ‘The Great Gatsby’, played by Carey Mulligan, or a character that doesn’t lose her center like Anne Hathaway in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ would be nice. Oh, if it’s a role like Emily Blunt’s in that, I could cut my hair too. That’s actually possible. I can cut however much of my hair off!


Sources: “Vogue Girl” Magazine, 801Dayz
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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