On August 9th, JTBC’s “Hidden Singer” aired interviews with the third season’s celebrity guests. In May of this year, “Hidden Singer” revealed through a video teaser that Taeyeon would be appearing on the third season as a celebrity vocalist. In previous seasons, each episode of “Hidden Singer” featured a famous singer and several impersonators. The celebrity and impersonators, all hidden from the audience behind a blind, each sang part of a song by the celebrity, and the audience voted for which singer they thought was the original. Each episode would have several rounds of singing, with one singer eliminated each round.

In her interview, Taeyeon first appears with a “mask” covering her face to hide her identity from the viewers. She explains that she has never seen anyone seriously imitate her singing, other than her colleagues who would do so as a joke after drinking, with Kim Heechul from Super Junior being best at it. Next, Taeyeon is asked if she has ever seen “Hidden Singer” before, and says that she has. Taeyeon also says that her members, Yoona included, like the show, thus “revealing” herself as Taeyeon.

Later, Taeyeon picks “Can You Hear Me”, her song from the “Beethoven Virus” OST, as one that would be difficult to sing and says that the introduction is very important. At this point, Taeyeon sings a line from the song, causing the male staff in the room to all say, “Oh~”, as a female staff member says, “See?!”, explaining that the male staff members had requested “Can You Hear Me” a lot. Taeyeon says that men in particular especially like “Can You Hear Me” and that Kim Heechul also imitates her singing the song a lot.

Finally, Taeyeon is asked how she thinks it would feel to have someone next to her who is singing her song and sounding like her. She answers that it would be amazing and would tell them to keep singing. She concludes the interview by introducing herself and inviting any singers who think they sound like her to try out for the show so that they may sing with her on stage.

The third season of “Hidden Singer” is expected to begin airing on August 16th. Check out Taeyeon’s interview for “Hidden Singer” below or download the clip from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Sources: JTBC [email protected], StarN
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