Although Prince has been insistent that reporters were barking up the wrong tree in regards to his dating life, the pup’s denials now don’t seem to be holding much water. Last June, a photo of Prince and a new acquaintance enjoying some alone time together sparked interest worldwide. Prince was quick to deny the allegations that there might be romance between the two, giving the standard statement, “We’re just good friends.” Given the distance in the picture between the pup and his newfound companion, we might be inclined to agree—unless that’s just what Prince wants us to think.


Interestingly enough, another photo of Prince was later released on the same day, this one catching him and another in a more intimate position. The lucky girl in question seems to be quite happy about the entire situation, and both appear quite comfortable and unaware of the camera pointed in their direction. So should this one be Prince’s true romantic interest, we wish him and his companion the utmost happiness and success for the times to come.


Source: Ginger’s Instagram
Written by: moonrise31@doggified

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