On April 10th, B-ing held a fanmeeting in Thailand with Taeyeon. Taeyeon has endorsed B-ing, a drink brand, since August of 2013.

Taeyeon traveled to Thailand on August 8th, arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport to a warm reception from many fans. Photos of Taeyeon at the Suvarnabhumi Airport are available in Soshified’s Photos Section.

During her stay in Thailand, Taeyeon filmed an interview for Channel 3 television and a new CF for B-ing. Her interview and a fancam of the CF filming at the Crystal Design Center, as well as Taeyeon greeting fans afterwards, are seen below. In addition, fantaken photos of Taeyeon filming the B-ing are found in Soshified’s forum.

Finally, the B-ing “FinMeeting” was held on April 10th. During the fanmeet, Taeyeon greeted the audience, gave many fans handshakes, and took several photographs.

To end the fanmeet, fans in attendance planned a special surprise for Taeyeon called the “Always Here” project, during which the audience held up signs reading “Always Here” and sang Girls’ Generation’s “Complete as balloons were released. Upon seeing the event, Taeyeon repeatedly gave her thanks, saying “Thai SONES are the ones who come up with an event greater than the concert itself, making us feel even more touched. So I can’t really express everything I feel in words. You guys held up the placards that said you’ll always be here. And I can say that because you are here, we are able to sing and move. So I hope that we are always there for each other.”

Taeyeon posted a photo of the project on her Instagram account with the caption, “I really laughed a lot in the past three days thanks to you guys :) It was really a great time ♡ TY!!! #thailand #tysone #bing”.

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