On January 5th, Yuri held another late-night chat session with fans on Instagram, during which she discussed songs she likes, her audition in elementary school, and more. Her comments and their translations (in Italics) may be seen below.

Yuri: 자요 ? 다 들 ?
(Are you sleeping ? all of you ?)

Yuri: 오 .. 부엉이들이 많아요^^^^!! 나두나두
(Oh .. there are a lot of owls^^^^!! me too me too)

Yuri: 다 들 모하는데 안자구 있었음?
(What were you all doing not sleeping?)

Yuri: 얼리버드두있구,만화책보는… 뭐봐? 지오디노래 ..? 뭐듣구있쪄?
(There are early birds, some reading comic books… What are you watching? g.o.d songs ..? What are you listening to?)

Yuri: 생각이 너무너무너무너뮤너무너무너무너무너무많지머 그래서 잠이 잘안와 부엉부엉다시하구있엉 … 그냥 뭐이거저거이저거이거저거이거저거. 이것또한 다 지나가겟지만
(I have so so so so so so so so so many thoughts so I can’t sleep well, and am being like an owl again … just this and that, this and that. Although, all of this is also going to pass)

Yuri: 그런데 ..제 생각엔 제가 생각하는걸 즐기는 편인거 같애요 .. 아마 ?!! 그냥 그게 좋아 . 힘들긴한데 좋아요 .. ^^ 허허 .. 이런거 뭔지 아남모르남
(But ..I think I enjoy thinking about things .. probably ?!! I just like it . It’s a bit hard [on me], but I like it ..^^ heoheo (laughing) .. do you know what this is or not)

Yuri: 나 지오디노래중엔. 돌아와줘 좋아해
(Of g.o.d songs. I like ‘Come Back to Me’)

Yuri: 신화노래중에선. 기도
(From Shinhwa songs. ‘Prayer’)

Yuri: 나 사실 처음에 친구따라 갔던 곳에서 노래를 갑자기 불러보라고 해서 … 오디션이란게 뭔지도 모랐던 난 … ㅋㅋ 초5 권율은 신화의 기도를 부르고 오디션 통과해쪙 ㅋㅋ
(Actually, when I went somewhere for the first time with my friend, they suddenly told me to sing … when I didn’t even know what auditions were … ㅋㅋ 5th year elementary school student Kwon Yul sang Shinhwa’s ‘Prayer’ and passed the auditionㅋㅋ)

Yuri: 그때막 … 시카한테 아니지 시카언니한테 1년반정도 존댓말썼었어요 … 분명. 나와 같은 나이인건 알았지만 … 시카언니 … 그렇지만 시카언니 잇힝
(That time … I spoke formally to Sica, no, Sica unnie for about a year and a half … obviously. Even though I knew she was the same age as me … Sica unnie … but still, Sica unnie it-hing)

Translator’s note: “It-hing” is somewhat of a crying sound. “Unnie” is normally used by females referring to older females.

Yuri: 보아언니 곡중에선 … 비밀일기 ! 너무좋아하고 소중해요 ^^^ 내 첫 연습곡이였는데 ..아니 , 연습분명했는데 선생님앞에서하려니까 너무떨려서 다 까먹고 울고 혼나고 또 하고 … 무려 4개월이넘도록 한곡만 연습했네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 추억의 곡
(Out of BoA unnie’s songs … ‘I’m Sorry’ ! I really liked it and it’s precious ^^^ It was my first practice song ..no, I definitely did practice, but I got so nervous having to sing it in front of my teacher, that I would forget it, cry, get in trouble, and do it again … I practiced one song for over a whopping 4 months ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ a song that brings back memories)

Yuri: 로필 2!!!!!! 난 한동안 내가 … 권열매인줄 알고 살았었어요 …. 주열매가 곧 나였어여 꺄 조으다이잉
(‘I Need Romance 2’!!!!!! For a while I … lived thinking I was Kwon Yeolmae …. Joo Yeolmae was soon me. Kkya I like it)

Translator’s note: “I Need Romance 2” is a drama that aired in 2012.

Yuri: 수영이도 수영언니 였어요 … 잇힝
(Sooyoung was also Sooyoung unnie … it-hing)

Yuri: 효연이는 효연이친구
(Hyoyeon was my friend Hyoyeon)

Translator’s note: In this case, “friend” means that Yuri did not refer to Hyoyeon with “unnie” since the two were born in the same year. This is referencing the previous replies where Yuri said she called Jessica and Sooyoung “unnie” despite being born in the same year as Jessica and in the year before Sooyoung.

Yuri: 권열매는 석현이꺼
(Kwon Yeolmae is Seokhyun’s)

Yuri: 한으로 안남았는데 –?! 물어바서 대답해준거쟈나!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 하나면하나지~ 둘은아닌~ 율싴이구만 … —
(There isn’t any resentment –?! You asked, so I answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it’s one, it’s one~ it’s not two~ it’s YulSic … –)

Yuri: 토씨 얘기 그만해 ……또하면 … 나 이제 댓글노리안항꺼임 ㅡㅡ …..
(Stop talking about Tossi ……if you do it again … I’m not going to post comments anymore ㅡㅡ…..)

Editor’s note: Yuri used to post entries on a Tossi blog.

Yuri: 톳시 ……내 귀와 목까지 발그레발그레해지는 옛추억 …. 우리 봐도못본척못봐도못본척 … 그렇게 하기루 약속하쟈 …. 아잉 ~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Tossi ……past memories that make my ears and neck turn red…. Let’s act like we didn’t see it even if we did, and ignore it even if we see it … let’s promise each other to do that … aing ~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Yuri: 빠빠 나 가야됨
(Bye-bye I have to go)

Yuri: 빨리자 ! 부엉이들 ! 쿨쿨 자!!
(Hurry up and sleep ! Owls ! Sleep soundly!!)

Yuri: 나 춤추러 감. 빠2
(I’m going to dance. Bye)

Translator’s note: Yuri is combining the Korean sounds for “빠” (bba) and “2” (“yi”) to form “bye”.

Sources: Yuri’s Instagram, SNSDTV
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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