Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun performed their first stage on a weekly music show as part of S.M. the Ballad by singing “Breath” on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on February 13th, which also happened to be a special Valentine’s day episode. S.M. the Ballad held a special “Joint Recital” yesterday in advance of the album release and music show performances. Before the show, SM Entertainment tweeted a backstage photo of the duo, seen below.


Mnet also revealed plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of the two before “M! Countdown”, first showing a backstage video clip of Taeyeon and Jonghyun together. The pair was able to hold a Google Hangout with a few fans from all around the world over video feed. The two labelmates showed the close relationship they have with one another, while also communicating with fans through whiteboard. They hoped fans would support S.M. the Ballad and “Breath”, while also wishing that they look forward to Girls’ Generation’s upcoming “Mr.Mr.” release and comeback. The Twitter account for the show also revealed two photos of the pair before the broadcast. Check out the video and pictures below.



Before Taeyeon and Jonhgyun performed, Taeyeon posted a photo on her Instagram, specifically screencaps of the earlier Mnet video of their Google Hangout.

Throughout “M! Countdown”, Taeyeon and Jonghyun filmed short clips for the show. “Breath” was the last performance of the night, and the two gave an amazing performance with both of their vocal talents on display. Check out the videos below along with a few press images from the show. Head over to Soshified’s Video Downloads Section to download the Taeyeon and Jonghyun’s performance. More pictures can also be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

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