In the early morning of January 25th, Taeyeon posted the above photo on her Instagram account and chatted with fans for a little bit before heading off to sleep. The caption of her picture reads, “I miss you my baby my baby”. Her comments and answers, as well as the translations (in italics) of the replies written in Korean can be found below.

Taeyeon: 뭐다들 이렇게 일찍자 내일 쉬는날아니에요? 불금에 뭐하는거야
(Why are you all sleeping so early. Don’t you have tomorrow off? What are you doing on a Hot Friday)

Translator’s note: “Hot Friday” is similar to the common saying, “Thank God It’s Friday”.

Taeyeon: 어바웃타임안봤어요/청승떨며 음악들어요 노을-그리워그리워/눈썹가방에있다어쩔래
(I haven’t seen ‘About Time’/I’m acting miserable listening to music, Noel – ‘I Miss You’/My eyebrows are in my bag, what are you going to do about it)

Editor’s note: “About Time” is a recent movie.

Taeyeon: 프로즌봤죠/밝기9아니고 자연광이야멍츙아^^/지금옆에아무도없어/눈썹타투는얼어죽을/프린스가날싫어하는게아니라미치도록좋아하는거임 외사랑/별그대안봐요
(I’ve seen ‘Frozen’/The brightness isn’t at 9, it’s natural light you dummy^^/Nobody’s next to me right now/Eyebrow tattoos, yeah right/Prince doesn’t dislike me, but I like him like crazy. One-sided love/I don’t watch ‘You Who Came From the Stars’)

Editor’s note: “Frozen” is a recent movie. The “brightness” she’s referring to is her phone camera settings. “You Who Came From the Stars” is a drama that’s currently ongoing.

Taeyeon: 프린스가좋아요진져가좋아요???????/렛잇고재미없어 곧내노래들려줄게여/긴거가아니고진져/보통탱시전후로자요/아직도키드립이니누구야너
(Do you like Prince or Ginger???????/’Let It Go’ is boring. I’ll let you hear my song soon/It’s not Gingeo, but Ginger/I usually sleep before or after Taeng o’clock/Are you still talking about height. Who are you)

Translator’s note: “Gingeo” means long.
Editor’s note: “Taeng o’clock” refers to 3:09, since Taeyeon’s birthday is March 9th. “Let It Go” is one of the songs from the movie, “Frozen”.

Taeyeon: 나안자바보야ㅎ/바빠서진져는집으로/스포는안할래/진져생일은수영이랑같아요/요즘밥대신 생각을먹어서그런가/진져머리안커이씨
(I’m not sleeping stupidㅎ/Because I’m busy, Ginger’s gone home/I don’t want to do spoilers/Ginger’s birthday is the same as Sooyoung’s/Is it because I’ve been eating thoughts instead of food lately/Ginger’s head isn’t big)

Taeyeon: 나보다진져한테귱금한게더많구나 갈아탔어????
(You’re more curious about Ginger than me. Have you crossed over????)

Taeyeon: 질문읽고있었는데 탱시로 도배돼서 다 올라가버렸오 탱시
(I was reading questions, but all of them disappeared to the top because [the comments] are plastered with ‘Taeng o’clock’. Taeng o’clock)

Taeyeon: 탱시는 참 적절한거같지않아요???? 새벽을 즐기고 잠들기 딱좋은 시간이야 아주젖ㅈㄹ해
(Don’t you think Taeng o’clock is quite appropriate???? It’s the perfect time to fall asleep after enjoying the night. It’s very fitting)

Taeyeon: 아니왜죠? 이렇게 새빨간 새벽시간에 맘대로 오타도 못내나욤 다들 즐겁잖아요??
(Why is that? Am I not allowed to make typos on my own during these scarlet hours of dawn, aren’t you all having fun??)

Taeyeon: 애기들은얼른자요.는무슨너네방학인거다알어/요즘컴백준비때문에 그림쉬어요.라고말하면레알화가같겠지/나버블티사랑해요/자러갈땐인사할게요^^
(Babies, hurry up and go to sleep. Yeah right, I know you all are on break/I’ve been taking a break from drawing because of comeback preparations lately. If I say that, I might seem like a real artist/I love bubble tea/I’ll say goodnight when I go to sleep^^)

Taeyeon: 그래테연언니이즈크레이지펄슨이다/나곱창안먹어봤어/얼음갈린달달한커피좋아요/보라색좋아해/파란색도좋아/겨울스포츠다못해요너무츄워/
(That’s right, Taeyeon unnie is a crazy person/I haven’t tried gopchang before/I like iced, sweet coffee/I like the color purple/I also like blue/I’m not good at any winter sports. It’s too cold/)

Taeyeon: 졸리면 얼른자요^^ 내일아침돼서 후회하면되잖아요^^^^
(if you’re sleepy, hurry up and go to sleep^^ you may regret it in the morning^^^^)

Taeyeon: 오늘 아주 오랜만에 미티게보고싶은.바이.그리고 미공개 신곡을 연속으로 들어보았어요 정말 한결같이 멍때리게만드는 음악들인거같아요 햄벆아요 막 좋아요….
(‘Missing You Like Crazy’ today for the first time in a while. ‘Bye’. And I listened to new, unreleased songs consecutively. I think they’re songs that constantly make you really stare into space. I’m happy, I just like it….)

Translator’s note: “Missing You Like Crazy” and “Bye” are Taeyeon’s own OST songs.

Taeyeon: 심즈안한지 오래돼서 애들다 쉬하고난리났어ㅜ 잠깐쉬고있어요/요즘다시 단발머리하고싶어요/이제4시다여러분먗시간후에깨울테니까그때일어나요ㅎ잘자요Taengudnight
(It’s been a while since I’ve played ‘The Sims’, so all of them are resting like crazyㅜ I’m taking a break for a moment [from the game]/I’ve been wanting bobbed hair again lately/It’s 4 now. I’m going to wake you all up in a few hours, so wake up thenㅎ goodnight. Taengudnight)

Sources: Taeyeon’s Instagram, SNSDTV
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: kt9823@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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