Choi Soojin, Sooyoung’s sister, was recently interviewed for “Le Passe Muraille”, or “The Man Who Walked Through Walls” a musical in which she plays the role of Isabelle.

– What did your sister, Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation), say about your acting as Isabelle?

Soojin: Sooyoung never complimented me until now. All she would say is ‘Good work unnie.’ If I asked, ‘How was this scene?’, she used tell me things I needed to improve on. Truthfully, I knew about those points from ratings by the audience or criticism from the director.

So I was never hurt by my sister (translator’s note: by her lack of compliments). Rather than feeling saddened with the thought of ‘Why won’t she ever say good things for me’, I thought, ‘I probably got criticized on the same points.’ However, this time, she complimented me a lot by saying, ‘The first verse was good’, or ‘Your diction was clear’, so it was a new feeling.

– You teared up during your video message to your sister in ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’.

Soojin: Sooyoung was also surprised and asked me ‘Why did you cry?’ It was odd that she was surprised. Don’t you usually get emotional when you talk about your family? I missed her, and so I got emotional. Starting from a young age, she didn’t come home often because she was an idol. I have a heartbreaking emotion for her because I often watched her from behind.

– Please say anything you want to tell Sooyoung through this interview.

Soojin: My sister was sick with swollen tonsils. A lot of people will love the new album, so I wish she’d wait for the fans reactions with an excited mind rather than a nervous one. It is my wish as an older sister that she’d return to her original resolution (translator’s note: her mental state from her debut days) and gain strength from that.

Source: OhmyStar
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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