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Sunny and Seohyun Interviewed on “M-WIDE”

Sunny and Seohyun were interviewed regarding their “Video of the Year” win at the YouTube Music Awards. In the clip, Seohyun says, “It was an honor to even be one of the nominees, and you gave us the award. We are very happy and it still feels like a dream.” Sunny added, “To every fan all over the world and to everyone who took interest in Girls’ Generation, we thank you once more. We will return the favor with a better video and stage.”
Girls’ Generation Interviewed on MBC’s “Section TV”

Girls’ Generation was recently interviewed for MBC’s “Section TV” program. When asked about her experience at the YouTube Music Awards, Tiffany said, “Truthfully, Lady Gaga sat right in front of me. I think I said ‘OMG’ about ten times. We were proud to know that the Korean version over the English version received the love of everyone around the world.”


QUA Uploads New Photo of Tiffany to its Facebook Page


QUA uploaded a new picture of Tiffany as its Facebook cover photo this week. In the shot, she’s featured wearing items from the brand’s winter collection.

Tiffany Featured in IPKN New York’s Short Video

On November 6th, IPKN New York posted a video on its Facebook page. As the model for IPKN New York, Tiffany introduces a specific item from the line of cosmetics promoted by the brand.


Girls’ Generation Mentioned on “The Washington Post”

On November 10th, the “Washington Post” suggested Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” on its list of K-Pop music videos to watch. The article accompanying the list described the girl group as “the platonic bubble gum deal. A dominant, nine-member behemoth that has set the standard in recent years in terms of performance and consistency.” Other K-Pop artists were also mentioned, including PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Infinite, B.A.P, and EXO. Thanks to ninja417 for the tip.

Sooyoung Updates Fans on SONE PLUS+


On November 8th, Sooyoung uploaded a cute selca along with a message onto SONE PLUS+. In the message, Sooyoung thanks fans for helping Girls’ Generation win a YTMA award and talks about the “My oh My” music video, Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese release. For a more detailed version of the message, please visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Jessica Poses with Manager of SINA International


On November 6th, SINA International’s manager posted a picture of herself with Jessica on Weibo. The manager was envious of Jessica’s figure, stating in the caption, “She’s really pretty and slim! Humm…. I’m not going to eat dinner until Sunday, seriously.” She further added that she would be looking for Jessica in the Hong Kong “Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace” concerts that coming weekend.


Tiffany Attends YouTube Music Awards in New York City



On November 3rd, Tiffany attended the first YouTube Music Awards in New York City. “I Got A Boy” won “Video of the Year”, and Tiffany humbly accepted the award on behalf of Girls’ Generation, giving a sweet “thank you” speech. Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo from the red carpet event that took place before the ceremony, and SM Entertainment later tweeted a photo of Tiffany and American actress, Vanessa Hudgens, together during the show.

Tiffany Updates UFOtown Photo


Following her recent pattern of weekly UFOtown profile picture updates, Tiffany posted a two-shot selca this week. Wearing her outfit from the “My oh My” music video, she posed with a pout for the camera.

Yoona Attends Script Reading of “Prime Minister and I”


Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page recently uploaded two photos of Yoona at the script reading for her latest upcoming drama, “Prime Minister and I”. Sitting beside her is fellow cast member Yoon Siyoon.

Sooyoung Appears in December Issue of “Elle Korea”


“Elle Korea” magazine posted a photo on Twitter, revealing that Sooyoung will be featured in the upcoming December issue. The text on the image asks, “How to have a warm end of the year according to Girls’ Generation’s ‘Sooyoung’?” The answer is, “I think getting together with people you love, and conversing over a tasty dinner, would help make my, and everyone else’s, end of the year warm!”

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 11/4: Departure from Gimpo Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 11/4: Arrival at Gimpo Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 11/5: Departure from Incheon Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 11/5: Departure from JFK International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 11/6: Arrival at Incheon Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 11/8: Departure from Incheon Airport – Fantaken and News Photos

• 11/8: Arrival at Hongkong International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 11/4: Premium Live in Japan – Fantaken Photos

• 11/7: QUA Fansign Event – Fantaken Photos

• 11/7: ‘No Breathing’ CGV Stage Greeting – Fantaken Photos

• 11/9: 2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour ‘Girls & Peace’ in Hong Kong – Fantaken Photos

New Sets of Pictures

DOUBLE-M – Sooyoung (1)

Lotte Departement Store – Group (1) (2) (3)

“No Breathing” – Yuri (1) (2)

“Prime Minister and I” – Yoona (1)

SK Telecom – Yoona (1)

SOUP – Jessica (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

SunnyInstagram and Twitter
Seohyun Twitter

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

This fanmade video highlights some of the hilarious antics of the girls from the first half of this year. But it’s not always fun and games; the compilation also includes a review of just how far Girls’ Generation has come and how much they’ve accomplished. This video does a great job of moving the viewer, whether it’s through laughter or tugging at the heartstrings.

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