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Taeyeon and Seohyun Promote “Despicable Me 2”

With the much anticipated release of the Korean-dubbed version of “Despicable Me 2”, Taeyeon and Seohyun both took part in recording promotional videos for the movie. The two ladies describe the film’s story while a variety of scenes are also shown in the video clips.

Samantha Thavasa Releases New Advertisement Featuring Girls’ Generation

Samantha Thavasa released a new advertisement for its jeans featuring Girls’ Generation. The commercial shows some new cuts from the set of the “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” music video that highlight the girls sporting Samantha Thavasa jeans. Download the clip by visiting Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

SBS Releases Footage for “Passionate Love” Featuring Seohyun

More footage for Seohyun’s upcoming drama, “Passionate Love”, was recently released. The first video is a preview starring Seohyun as Han Yurim, the first love of the drama’s male lead, Kang Mooyeol. To download the clip, check out Soshified’s Video Downloads Section. The second video includes behind-the-scenes footage from the drama as well as a short interview with Seohyun. “Passionate Love” will begin airing on September 28th on SBS.

Girls’ Generation Featured in New “Magu Magu” Clip

Girls’ Generation was featured in a new promotional clip for the baseball video game entitled, “Magu Magu”. The girls explain the new feature added to this video game: “Girls’ Generation Cheerleader Cards”. These special cards will help power up your team.

SK Telecom Reveals More Footage from Seohyun’s First Fansign

SK Telecom uploaded a video from Seohyun’s first fansign for SKT LTE. The video shows Seohyun’s attendance at the event as well as her answers to a few questions.

“GALAXY SUPERNOVA” Makes Waves in Japan

With the recent release of Girls’ Generation’s “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” music video, the girls have made short appearances on a variety of programs in Japan. They appeared on “CDET News” and “JAPAN COUNTDOWN”, with each program showing the members talking about the upcoming releases of “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” single and their second Japan tour DVD.


IPKN Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Video Featuring Tiffany

Tiffany was featured in the new video for IPKN’s “Perfume Powder Pact”. In this clip, Tiffany smiles beautifully while a stylist puts on the “Perfume Powder Pact” foundation. Afterwards, she poses in front of the camera with her gorgeous smile.

DOUBLE-M Reveals New Video Featuring Sooyoung

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung recently appeared in a new DOUBLE-M video featuring the company’s F/W 2013 collection. During the video, Sooyoung shows her flawless beauty, striking a variety of poses while displaying the brand’s bags. To download the clip, visit Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.


Nail Shop Shares Tiffany’s Kindness with Fans

tiffany nail shop

Tiffany recently visited Nail Tam2na and took a photo at the shop. Tiffany’s kindness was duly noted as she helped clean up the salon after getting her nails done so the staff could service the next customers. Tam2na said, “It was totally touching~ Tiffany’s heart is as beautiful as her face.”

Hyoyeon Updates Fans with Message and Picture on SONE PLUS+

hyo plus

This past week, Hyoyeon left a photo and a message talking about Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single, “GALAXY SUPERNOVA”, on SONE PLUS+. For a detailed version of the message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Uploads Video of Himself with Taeyeon

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently uploaded a video of himself and Taeyeon onto his Instagram account. The caption of the video says, “I’m fighting with Taengoo, and getting beaten.” To download the clip, check out Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.


Tiffany Updates Her Profile Picture on UFOtown

tiff ufo 5

Continuing her trend of updating her UFOtown profile picture, Tiffany again revealed a new photo with Prince Fluffy. The photo shows Tiffany’s glossed-up lips along with her puppy struggling to keep his little eyes open.

Sam Hammington Tweets Pictures of Himself with Hyoyeon



Sam Hammington, a comedian, tweeted two new photos of himself with Hyoyeon at Kim Shinyoung’s radio show, which they both appeared on. In both photos, Hyoyeon strikes a V-sign pose and adorable smile, while Sam Hammington also shows a V-sign in the first photo and puffs up his cheeks for the second. In the caption of the pictures, Sam wrote, “Heol… I met Hyoyeon… as expected, Shinyoung’s personal connections are really nice”, and, “I took a selca and… she’s really so pretty!! #snsd Hyoyeon jjang!! ♥♥”. Download and watch Hyoyeon’s appearance on the show by visiting Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Park Jiwoo Tweets Pictures of Himself with Hyoyeon and Yuri



Park Jiwoo, a judge on Mnet’s “Dancing 9”, tweeted pictures of himself with Hyoyeon and Yuri. For the first picture, Park Jiwoo wrote, “Waiting room… Girls’ Generation^^”. He later tweeted a second photo that included more of the cast of “Dancing 9”.

Girls’ Generation’s Official Twitter Account Reveals Photo of Yuri and Seohyun


Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo of Yuri and Seohyun. The photo gives a sneak peak into a photoshoot the two beautiful ladies were at.

Kim Woori Posts Photos of Himself and Sooyoung



Kim Woori, a stylist who has worked with Girls’ Generation before, recently posted two photos of himself and Sooyoung. The two pose together during one of Sooyoung’s past photoshoots.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 9/13: Left Incheon International Airport for Jakarta, Indonesia – Fantaken and News Photos
• 9/13: Arrived in Jakarta – Fantaken Photos
• 9/15: Left Jakarta for Incheon International Airport
• 9/15: Arrived at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 9/11: 2013 WFNS (World Congress of Neurosurgery) – Fantaken Photos
• 9/12: SBS Sangnam Hall – Fantaken Photos
• 9/14: “2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace” concert in Jakarta – Fantaken Photos

New Sets of Pictures

Baby-G – Group (1)
“Cosmopolitan” Magazine – Group (1)
DOUBLE-M – Sooyoung (1)
Nature Republic – Taeyeon (1)
“Passionate Love” – Seohyun (1)
“S Cawaii” Magazine – Sooyoung (1)
Samantha Thavasa Jeans – Group (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

SunnyInstagram and Twitter

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Another Girls’ Generation anniversary has come and gone, but the ways in which SONEs choose to celebrate the day of the girls’ debut will always stay. One common method is to reflect on Girls’ Generation’s greatest achievements so far, as this video does wonderfully for the girls’ anniversary last year. Count down with the video as it shows this SONE’s pick of the nine greatest Girls’ Generation moments until their fifth anniversary.

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