“I’ll talk to Sooman. I can tell him to keep you here for another day!” This was the first time the grandpas actively tried so hard to keep a person. The sincerely concerned face of Lee Seojin saying, “What should I do if you leave?” was not purposely acted out. All of their hearts were going out for Sunny. The only thing the grandpas and Lee Seojin could think about was the fact that they couldn’t let her go.

To Lee Seojin, tvN’s “Grandpas Over Flowers” Taiwan edition was like experiencing the polar opposite of the Europe edition. Unlike in Europe, where he had to take on several roles and run all over the place without the time to wipe his sweat, the Taiwan vacation was like an oasis in a desert, a light in darkness, because Sunny was waiting to accompany him on the trip.

Lee Seojin showed a new, bright, and happy side of himself that even made people think, “How can his dimples be constantly showing?” and, “He was a person who can smile so brightly.” This was enough to make Lee Seojin so happy that it did not matter that this was a variety program and that he had to take care of the grandpas again. He was traveling overseas freely, with the Sunny that he was begging for.

Furthermore, Sunny showed commendable aspects of herself by taking better care of the grandpas than Lee Seojin himself. This was not just polite etiquette. She melted the grandpas’ hearts in a second and lead them to a world of joy. She changed their heavy footsteps into short and light steps, made them hum tunes while on the bus, and kept smiles on their faces even in the heat and humidity of Taiwan.


Above everything else, the miracle that she put upon Baek Ilsub was astonishing. Baek Ilsub, who simply hated walking and looking at things, changed completely. He walked 300 meters without any complaints and actively toured inside a museum when, previously, he never took a second look. This was the power of Sunny’s flawless smile and her greatest achievement, made with her social personality and brightness in Taiwan.

However, this turned into a matter of concern for Lee Seojin. He sent sincerely concerned looks to every staff member he could see, including producer Na Youngsuk, with thoughts of, “What should I do if Sunny just leaves after creating this atmosphere?” This was understandable. The thought that the never-before-seen happiness of the grandpas will be gone as soon as Sunny leaves came as a big and heavy pressure on Lee Seojin.

Lee Seojin was not the only person who was reluctant to let go of Sunny. The grandpas half-forced and half-threatened Sunny to stay. Furthermore, the staff called SM Entertainment and asked them to delay her plane schedule for a day. This was a difficult situation to ask for. Sunny had a schedule to the United States immediately afterwards.

But “Grandpas Over Flowers”‘s endless requests resulted in the approval of the company. This was a moment when everyone there felt relief. Sunny was able to stay with the grandpas for another day, and Lee Seojin was able to see Sunny for another day. Above all, the grandpas and Lee Seojin were able to spend another happy and bright day in Taiwan, all thanks to the “happy virus,” Sunny.


This can be seen as the most ideal and perfect form of the girl group attitude towards a variety program. Of course, this is something for which “Grandpas Over Flowers” should thank Sunny for first. Flying to Taiwan and taking care of the grandpas like she was their daughter was no easy thing. Without her bright personality, “Grandpas Over Flowers”‘s Taiwan trip may as well have turned out exactly like their Europe trip.

Furthermore, Sunny’s appearance on “Grandpas Over Flowers” should be a great benefit to herself. The way that viewers see Sunny will be even more loving. This was another great opportunity to see Sunny’s charms out of all of the nine Girls’ Generation members. This will put Sunny, who also upgraded Girls’ Generation’s image, as the ace of the group.

Sunny had no pretense. She laughed broadly to the point where her neck was exposed, took the shots given by the grandpas without hesitance and showed her enormous tolerance for alcohol, and even showed her “no makeup” face right after washing. All throughout the show, she had no signs of showing “I’m Girls’ Generation.” The Sunny in “Grandpas Over Flowers” was not a member of the popular girl group, but a mere 25-year-old girl who was invited by the staff.

In the preview of yesterday’s (September 6th) episode, there was a cut where Sunny was saying goodbye to the grandpas. She ended up bursting into tears. In that short moment, her tears moved the hearts of the viewers. There are no rules that say everyone who cries in programs should be criticized. Depending on the reason for the tears, it can turn out as “something to be aghast at” or “something to be moved by”. Hopefully, other girl groups will learn from Sunny this attitude of treating variety programs.

Source: OhmyNews via Nate
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: Akino_Makoto@soshified

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