Seohyun has been hard at work preparing for her upcoming role as Han Yurim in the new SBS weekend drama, “Passionate Love”.

Photos of Seohyun diligently studying her script were released on September 6th. To more naturally express situations that she hasn’t experienced before, Seohyun hasn’t let go of her script while awake or asleep. She has also been doing image training to better portray her role as an intelligent university student.

Soon to be playing her first acting role, Seohyun said, “As ‘Passionate Love’ is my first work, it means a lot and is special to me. I’m really happy that I can fulfill a part of my life through ‘Passionate Love’.” She also also added, “These days, my head is filled with Yurim all day, and that’s how much I’m into ‘Passionate Love’. There will probably be a lot that I lack because it is my first attempt, but I will try to fulfill [the role] through hard work.”

The first episode of “Passionate Love” will air on September 28th on SBS.

Source: Star Today via Nate
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Contributor: taengbear@soshified
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