Song Junho is the Seoul MetLife HO&F branch manager and financial planner in asset management. This place is number 1 in size for working assets of the 110 branches in Korea. Holding approximately 500 private clients is based on the branch manager’s power. 40 names out of them are of well-known celebrities and sports stars. Tiffany is one of them.

We met with Tiffany (24) from SM Entertainment’s 9-member girl group, Girls’ Generation. With her milky white skin and eye smiles, she is a charming idol singer. After debuting with their album “Into the New World” in 2007, Girls’ Generation have grown into world stars. Their ‘I Got A Boy’ album, which was released in January of this year, ranked number one in, not just Korea’s, but the United States’ music charts. They ranked second in Forbes Korea’s “40 Power Celebrities” in March. After Girls’ Generation’s album promotions ended, each member livened up their own talents and promoted individually. Tiffany, who grew up in the US, showed off her fluent English-speaking skills. Her recent activities in the United States caught people’s attention. In early May, she was in charge of the pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers game held in Dodger Stadium. Unlike people’s expectations, the ball didn’t fly very far.

Recalling that day, Tiffany made a disappointed face. “I stepped onto the ground in a daze after constantly doing interviews. I only knew later that I wasn’t wearing a glove. But Ryu Hyunjin comforted me, saying that it went further than Jessica’s pitch, so that it’s okay. (laughs) If given the chance, I want to practice a lot and try it properly.”


A month later, she met with and interviewed Hollywood’s top actor, Brad Pitt. Pitt was cast for a TV program while he was in Korea promoting his movie. Here, Tiffany came forth as the interviewer and as a well-known K-Pop singer in the United States, capable of communicating in English. She prepared for the interview for days. She watched all the movies that Pitt has been in thus far. Thanks to her meticulous preparations, the interview carried on amicably. Tiffany stated, “It was a short time, but it was very fun. I thought he’d be extremely charismatic, but when I met him, his considerate and homely manners left an impression.”

The way Tiffany was able to become successful as a Girls’ Generation member was through her constant practicing. When she got scouted in Los Angeles in 2004, she was only 15 years old. In order to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a singer, she got on a plane for Korea by herself. This was her start as an SM trainee. Everyday, from vocalization, to breathing, to dance, amongst other things, she familiarized herself with the basics. These lessons were repeated for 2 years. Along with vocal lessons, she received acting and language lessons in between as well. Amidst this, she did English tutoring. This was because she didn’t have enough money while becoming independent early.

Frugal saving king who drives a jeep

After enduring 3 years of trainee life, she debuted as a singer. Even now, she isn’t lazy when it comes to practicing. She has separate practice notes. After a concert is over, she organizes things she did wrong or was lacking in. She takes mistakes, practices them sufficiently, and strengthens herself.

Thanks to practicing hard, her Korean skills improved. Lately, it’s to the point where she has been MCing on a television program, as well as for large concerts. In 2011, she made an attempt at a musical. Playing the lead role in “Fame”, drawing out the dreams and love of students at an arts school, she received favorable reviews with her enthusiasm.

Tiffany UFO

Tiffany’s members have confirmed that she is the king of saving. The way you know of her economic views is with her recent purchase of a pink vehicle. While she could purchase an expensive new jeep for sale, she drives a compact, Korean jeep. “I’m still young, so I don’t need an expensive jeep. From my home in Chungdam-dong, Seoul, the furthest I drive is only out to Sinsa-dong. I think I learned the importance of money while becoming independent early. I’m saving money, thinking of my future.” At the end of last year, she became the honorary ambassador of NGO Global ROPE. Global ROPE is a nonprofit organization registered in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which provides education training and welfare to children in difficult environments around the world.

“I want to be of help. It’s one of the reasons why I work hard saving money. Right now, it’s difficult to do because of scheduled activities, but I want to go to Africa to do volunteer work. My family is participating in it already. I think it will be valuable and precious time. I want to help senior citizens and hungry children the most.”

Girls’ Generation is starting their first world tour this year. Starting in Seoul, they are planning on having concerts in Asia, North America, South America, as well as other major cities in the world. They will be having two concerts on July 21~22nd at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan. All 22,000 seats were sold out. Tiffany couldn’t hide her happiness, saying, “It’s like a dream.” As soon as they debuted, one of her dreams was having a world tour. She’s especially looking forward to the day a Girls’ Generation’s solo concert will be announced in her hometown, Los Angeles.


Not a deferred but accumulating investment

Branch manager Song Junho was a big help when it came to Tiffany getting into investment techniques. From setting up a checking account, to insurance applications, he taught her basic investment tips. Branch manager Song stated, “She’s fast with understanding and learning tips. From the start, I made it so Tiffany could do things herself. A considerable number of celebrities use the VIP room at financial corporations. They just entrust their funds to the PB. However, Tiffany said she would try it herself. Recently, she signed up for various financial products while going around a number of banks. Fans flocked around her every now and then, but she didn’t show any signs of being annoyed and enjoyed it.”

After making a pocket to put money in, she deposited her funds in scattered time. This is because singers, like sports stars, earn money in bulk within a certain period of time. At the time where income is focused on, you need to plan your portfolio well in order to prepare your future well. Short-term funds were deposited into her savings, calculating interest rates. Short-term funds are liquidity funds for “what-if” situations. Because the lowest global taxation on financial income limit has decreased from 40 million won to 20 million won, funds to pay taxes are needed. Middle money has been applied to funds. Because she’s still young, aggressive investments with a part of her assets are possible. Rather than deferred investments, investment times were dispersed with accumulating investments. Long-term investments can become Tiffany’s seed money when she does volunteer work. Branch manager Song suggested donation insurance. Donators become the contractor, and contributing organizations are appointed as the beneficiaries. If the donator passes away, the insurance money goes to the corresponding organization. Not only that, but every month, a set amount of money goes to wherever the donator wants to sponsor.

Source: Forbes Magazine, dcinside
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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