Allure: Because it’s a beauty photoshoot, it focused on your face; how was it?
Tiffany: Because it was a makeup photoshoot, I put my own style down for a moment and did the shoot with the mindset of showing a new appearance. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to do a beauty photoshoot like this lately. It’s interesting how the mood changes depending on slight differences of the shape or attention of your lips, or angle of your jaw.

Allure: I was wondering what would happen if you were to ask them to remove some of the makeup because it was too thick.
Tiffany: I know well what kind of hair and makeup styles suit me. However, if I always look the same on stage, in photoshoots, and music videos, wouldn’t it be too boring? While me wearing red eye shadow was awkward, it was fun.

Allure: You went to Taiwan for a concert a few days ago, correct?
Tiffany: Yes. We have a concert in Indonesia planned in September, and a Girls’ Generation album will be released in the fall along with a Girls’ Generation subunit, Girls’ Generation – TTS’s album next year.

Allure: Isn’t your busy schedule tiring?
Tiffany: Now, for the first time, I’ve learned how to enjoy the stage. And so, I think I’ve become a real singer on my own. When dancing, rather than being tense thinking of the next sequence, the next part comes about automatically from my memories. In order to become like this, I did 26 concerts, and 7 years have gone by.

Allure: Do you not have any thoughts about acting like your other members?
Tiffany: I do have an interest, but I couldn’t answer the question, ‘Will activities other than singing be exciting?’ that I threw at myself yet. I think music is still more important. So I like Girls’ Generation – TTS activities where I can show my own musical color.


Allure: You’ve become IPKN’s muse, but you know that not anyone can be a makeup model. What’s your opinion?
Tiffany: I did my first CF shoot yesterday. The makeup artist who did my stage makeup since I was in my second year of high school said to me, “The skin care you did thus far is now coming through.” And I’m also grateful that I could become a makeup model when my skin is currently prettiest. The day before the shoot, like a kind of consciousness, I redyed my hair and I received treatment on my hands and feet which probably were not going to be visible on screen.

Allure: The brand being modeled and the brand the model uses can be different. What about for you?
Tiffany: I have a lot of curiosities with makeup, so I constantly use new kinds. The eye shadow palette I enjoy using isn’t sold in Korea anymore, so when I was about to become frustrated, I found something better at IPKN. I like the color formation and tenacity, but even the price is a lot more inexpensive.

Allure: Where do you buy makeup when you go overseas?
Tiffany: I enjoy looking for drug stores where you can buy effective products at a low price. What’s fun is that, for every country, the product’s characteristics are different. You won’t know how much time is passing if you look at the thickness of the pearl, and base’s texture and color combination, depending on the weather and culture.

Allure: So your skin is this nice because you have a lot of interest in makeup.
Tiffany: It’s to the point where, when we go overseas for a concert, if the other members didn’t bring a kind of makeup, they would gather in my room. Just like having natural-born skin, skin care is important. I also use different makeup depending on the condition of my skin for each day. Also, keeping up your makeup for a long time from morning is important, so I apply moisture and anti-aging lines in the evening. I don’t forget to apply it on my neck as well.

Allure: You did anti-aging care since your early twenties?
Tiffany: Because I don’t get enough time to sleep, wear makeup every day, and am under strong lights, they’re the worst situations for my skin so I began treatment earlier than others. I dieted at the beginning of Girls’ Generation’s activities, so I had more worries when I lost facial weight. So these days, I make sure to eat well.

Allure: Do you receive treatment from specialists as well?
Tiffany: Hwang Hooyeon’s acupressure massage is nice because it balances my waist that is pressured from dancing, and an esthetic massage by Mindy relieves knotted muscles refreshingly. Louivin’s esthetics lifting is good for facial care. Occasionally, when my pores are bothering me, I receive laser procedures at Brand New Clinic.

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Allure: Even though you’re still young, you know how to take care of yourself.
Tiffany: My mom told me that, “It’s important for a girl to take care of her fingernails and toenails,” and “If you want to dazzle, apply lipstick,” amongst other many things, since I was young. I also grew up seeing my mom look like that.

Allure: When applying makeup, what part do you work hard on?
Tiffany: I put emphasis on my eyebrows like my beauty icons, Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shields, and Brigitte Bardot.

Allure: Are you still concerned about ‘airport fashion’ when you go the airport?
Tiffany: I don’t think fans who come to the airport to see me want to see forced, staged fashion. Wouldn’t they be curious about me in that situation? I choose comfortable clothes, and mind hair and makeup that matches it. Is this like what ‘natural beauty’ is? However, on a day when even I thought I looked too shabby, I took the newspaper I was reading on the plane and covered my face after getting off. (laughs)

Allure: What kind of woman do you think is an ‘attractive’ woman?
Tiffany: An ‘attractive’ woman makes a person say that they look ‘sexy’ only looking at their face, and not their clothing, hairstyle, or makeup.

Allure: After conversing with you until now, you give off a strong scent of a woman, to the point where the term ‘young girl’ seems colorless.
Tiffany: I’ve been thinking a lot lately. When my dream of becoming a singer came true as Girls’ Generation, I was really happy. But, when I was younger, I also felt mad because I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, not as a team. However, I think of everything now as the process of me finding my own color. Filling in things I’m lacking in and strengthening my forte. I hope I can change every year through those processes.

Sources: Sosiz, 801DAYZ
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