Citizens of Soshified! We NEED your help! In order for Soshified to take part in this year’s KCON, we need to obtain as many points as we can and win one of five spots in their latest contest!

Don’t live in California? It’s okay! You can still help out through social media! We even have prizes for you too~


1. Registering on FanManager

– Head over to and click on “JOIN THE TEAM TODAY!

– Be sure to select “Soshified” (located at the very bottom of the list) as your fanclub.


– At the bottom, make sure to selected nothing else except for “KCON 2013 Street Team”


2. Obtaining Points via Social Media

– The top five fanclubs with the most points will get booths at KCON 2013! To help us earn points, please register as part of the Soshified fanclub and help promote KCON!

– Under the “ONLINE” tab, you will see a list of suggestions on how to promote KCON through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

– Every time you tweet or post, take a screencap as proof! You can submit proof by clicking on “REPORT YOUR WORK HERE!

– Type a description about what you did and upload the screencap. For example, if you tweeted to your followers to follow KCON, say so in the description and upload a screencap of your tweet!


– Note: You can only upload a certain amount of screencaps per day before you get blocked for 24 hours to prevent spamming. Don’t be discouraged! Come back the next day and repeat the process!


3. Obtaining More Points if you live in USA

– Under the “Posters” tab, you may sign up to get posters and flyers shipped to you to distribute locally.

– Like the social media screencaps, you can also obtain points by putting up posters and handing out flyers! Just report the work on the same page.

– Especially if you live in the USA, participating in these events not only increases Soshified’s chance at obtaining a booth, but also increases the chances of you winning free tickets to KCON 2013!


4. Entering the Soshified raffle (Raffle #1)

– To check how many points you have, click on “VIEW POINTS AND PROFILE” on the home page.


– The next page will display your current points. At the end of the day (or when you get blocked), take a screencap of how many points you have.

(I apologize for having 0 points at the time of writing this tutorial…)

– Email the screencap to [email protected] each day you obtain points. Make sure that the subject of the email is: [YOUR SSF NAME]: Day #

Example: If this is my 5th day submitting proof and emailing, my email subject line would be: [Ghost]: Day 5

– Keep doing this every day to increase your chances of winning!


5. Entering the Soshified raffle (Raffle #2)

– Tweet “I hope to see Soshified at #KCON2013 again! #SSFKCON” to enter the twitter raffle! Make sure to include both the #KCON2013 and #SSFKCON hashtags!

– Winners will be randomly selected on twitter!

– Oh and since the tweet will contain the #KCON2013 hashtag, you can screencap the tweet and submit it on the website too! Win-win situation right?



– You do NOT have to be in USA to enter the raffle.

– You do NOT have to pay for shipping if you win.

– Do not cheat. We will know.

– You can only EMAIL us once a day, but you can TWEET using the above template as much as you want.

– You CAN participate in both raffles.




Now this is the most important part right? ^^

– TWO Limited Edition Intel Posters (pictures here!)

These posters are extremely rare and could only be obtained at Intel events in Korea. They are even printed on high quality, glossy foil paper!

(Side note: I had to put on gloves to handle the posters or else I’d leave fingerprints on them… that’s how high quality they are!)

– Limited Edition Soshified KCON Merchandise

To be updated when we reveal the designs!


Soshified’s booth at last year’s KCON was a huge hit, and we want to have an even better experience for fans of Girls’ Generation this year! KCON 2013 is being held on August 24th and 25th in Los Angeles, California. Head over to the projects thread for any questions and more info.