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Innisfree recently revealed two new CFs along with a number of new photos featuring Yoona. Filming at the serene Jeju Island, Yoona’s natural and stunning beauty is perfect for Innisfree’s latest promotional campaign.

Both the videos and pictures, part of Innisfree’s “Jeju Eco Healing Travel Book”, show Yoona touring the various areas of Jeju Island. In the beginning of the first clip, Yoona visits Gwakji beach and takes pictures on location. Next, she visits “Stone Wall Village” and meets two of the local residents. After she spends time with them, she says, “Even without being able to understand about half of the native Jeju accent, I responded with laughter. The delighted grandmas gave smiles like from a painting that I will keep in my heart.” In the second video, Yoona visits Innisfree’s “Jeju House” for the very first time. She happily enjoys the the great atmosphere that the shop and products create. When asked, Yoona answered that the candles were her favorite and also added, “Coming here myself and seeing and touching Innisfree’s products makes me enjoy them more.” Yoona then explores the other parts of the store including the “Jeju Story Zone”, where beautiful pictures are set up to vividly detail Jeju Island, the “Natural Soap Class Zone”, where one can make natural soap, and the “Organic Green Cafe”, where Yoona tries Jeju Island’s specialty foods and excitedly exclaims, “It tastes good. all of it!”

Check out the two video clips and various promotional pictures below.

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