We’re back again for another episode of the best Soshi television shows, and this month you all voted for the unique show, “Horror Movie Factory”. Though the show was only six episodes long, there were many classic moments, from the first episode’s prank on Taeyeon to the unforgettable sexy weather report by Sooyoung, and even some acting lessons for the girls. “Horror Movie Factory” started as a bit of a spooky series but eventually turned a bit more variety-like towards the end; if you stick with it, you’ll be in for a fun time. Join MoonSoshi9 and moonrise31 as we watch the first episode!

MoonSoshi9: Oooo spooky music
moonrise31: this is actually really creepy hahaha
MoonSoshi9: Horror Movie Factory, what a unique concept for a show. So different from their others
moonrise31: yeah, it’s a shame it didn’t get very far D:
MoonSoshi9: This was during their Gee promos right? They were getting so huge
MoonSoshi9: This show is full of dolphin screams already
moonrise31: but I like the balance between fun and creepy XD
MoonSoshi9: Totally, already you can see the girls’ fresh faces in front of that creepy house lol
MoonSoshi9: Uh oh Taeyeon is the victim for the first episode
moonrise31: poor leader haha
MoonSoshi9: That guy scares me.
moonrise31: he does haunt my dreams XD
moonrise31: this is basically the best hidden camera ever
MoonSoshi9: Yuri’s acting has really improved…. hahahaha
moonrise31: oh right she acts possessed
MoonSoshi9: Actually one of the things I really enjoyed about this show was seeing the girls acting. Trying to fool Taeyeon, and later on in the acting classes, some of the girls showed some really amazing acting
moonrise31: I remember one of the later ones, with seohyun it was like, “woah, maknae O_o”
MoonSoshi9: Seriously! She was all shy back then but her acting was so different.


MoonSoshi9: And the unwitting leader Taeyeon arrives, soon to be scared by her members haha
moonrise31: I can only think of how scary it is to be in a situation like that…it’s all fun and obvious for us who know everything but if you really had no idea…
MoonSoshi9: I always thought the hidden cameras are especially vicious on Korean shows hahaha. They really go hard on making the victim cry and stuff.
MoonSoshi9: And that exploding light would scare the crap out of me too hahah
moonrise31: and that’s only the beginning >_<
MoonSoshi9: Kim Shinyoung Always fun seeing her as an MC with SNSD
moonrise31: this scary-faced guy has a show? oh man.
moonrise31: yes. much prefer her to this teacher dude XD
MoonSoshi9: Taeyeon’s expression is hilarious! Her mouth is just hanging open as she stares
moonrise31: she does that a lot… it’s so adorable x3
moonrise31: HAHA nice try, hyoyeon
MoonSoshi9: Hyoyeon hahaha so fail trying to startle Taeng
moonrise31: it’ll take a LITTLE more than that, good thing they have a whole episode XD
MoonSoshi9: Taeyeon is just like, ‘Hyo…what r u doin’
moonrise31: dang they really know how to set the scene with that random guy coming around
moonrise31: this is really well thought out XD
MoonSoshi9: I would totally fall for it if I were in Taeyeon’s spot. So believable

sooyoung oscar performance

MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung lol
moonrise31: taeyeon’s like “oh boy”
MoonSoshi9: she’s into it
moonrise31: future cyrano actress in action hahahah
MoonSoshi9: jigeumeun sonyuh! haha splitting into sonyuh and shidae teams. kinda makes the cheer a little weird
moonrise31: this is why OT9 is the best
MoonSoshi9: my ears!
MoonSoshi9: those screams!
moonrise31: I turned my volume down hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: Aww Taeng looking out for Yuri because the teacher said she might have weak energy
moonrise31: she’s so concerned
MoonSoshi9: Scary situation, still looks out for her members.
moonrise31: hahahaha main vocal comes with responsibilities
MoonSoshi9: Can’t damage that golden voice with dolphin screams haha
MoonSoshi9: Seohyun omg hahahahaha bringing coffee to the scary actor who is hiding. She’s always thoughtful
moonrise31: and the screams start again
moonrise31: that’d be so creepy D:
MoonSoshi9: Tiffany deserves an Oscar!
moonrise31: dang tiffany…I’d believe her

yuri u scary

MoonSoshi9: Haha I love how ominous all the screen text is
moonrise31: certainly adds to the mood XD
MoonSoshi9: It’s like Taeyeon is heading to her imminent doom
moonrise31: oh wow
MoonSoshi9: Oh boy now they have to go in the house itself
moonrise31: when yuri’s smile just dropped I was actually weirded out
MoonSoshi9: Shidae team go!
moonrise31: aw they’re back to goofing off now
moonrise31: but not for long…
MoonSoshi9: They have a lot of joy for trying to scare Taeyeon hahaha
MoonSoshi9: They are all excited for the hidden camera
moonrise31: it IS exciting if you aren’t the victim XD
MoonSoshi9: That guy is so creepy! His tone of voice and everything. I would be so freaked out right about now
moonrise31: he could just look at me and I’d quit.
moonrise31: HAHAHAH singing hallelujah trying to lift the mood

yuri possessed

MoonSoshi9: Cue possessed Yuri muahahaha
MoonSoshi9: To be honest, the night vision makes it like 500x scarier lol
moonrise31: seriously. it’s like they’re all ghosts D:
moonrise31: possessed yuri, step 1
MoonSoshi9: Taeyeon is genuinely concerned. Sooyoung is having trouble hiding her laughter.
moonrise31: good thing it’s dark so they can’t see xD taeyeon’s definitely jumpier than before now
moonrise31: OH MAN. YURI’S EYES. even the camera is in on this
MoonSoshi9: DAAANG. Demon Yul

MoonSoshi9: Hahahahahahahahaha Sooyoung, well done
moonrise31: man sooyoung is such a prankster at heart XD
MoonSoshi9: She really is. Knocking that book down was pro
moonrise31: ad libbing for the win
moonrise31: oh boy we’re talking to the spirits now. and sooyoung makes a face XD taeyeon’s all into it though
MoonSoshi9: When I first saw this I wondered if this kind of supernatural stuff was more believed by people in Korea
moonrise31: I think if anyone were put into this situation, they’d believe it XD
MoonSoshi9: OH MAN. Dude is possessed by the ghost!
moonrise31: yup taeyeon’s scared. I’m scared
MoonSoshi9: She done got freaked out
moonrise31: why are we watching this at night XD
MoonSoshi9: Hahaha I know! Who thought of this…Watching this show at night, in the dark, no lights on, in a quiet house….BOO
moonrise31: so I’m gonna be sleeping in my sister’s room tonight. hahahahah
moonrise31: ugh the idea of ghosts following you back out. YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE
MoonSoshi9: Hahah the caption there, Yuri: acting scared Taeyeon: actually scared

taeyeon scared

moonrise31: OH MAN. YURI’S DOWN
moonrise31: they even got the staff in on this. that’s how intense this setup is
MoonSoshi9: Oh man the sudden laughing, that is SO freaky. Yuri is great at this possessed acting
moonrise31: taeyeon is so concerned D:
MoonSoshi9: Hyoyeon is right there with Taeng and she is crying. Taeyeon is totally believing everything. Feels bad to see her like this. These hidden cameras…!
moonrise31: hyoyeon needs to get herself on a drama
MoonSoshi9: Sunny’s just laughing like ‘this is ridiculous’ haha
moonrise31: it’s easy to say when you’re sitting outside of the house XD
moonrise31: poor taeyeon. she’s trying everything she can to save yuri D:

moonrise31: oh man the grand finale is coming
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung is horrible at hiding her laughter though hahaha, at least she turns away from Taeyeon to hide
moonrise31: hides behind hyoyeon, who is also dying hahahha
MoonSoshi9: I wonder if Taeyeon ever watches this back sometimes and just shakes her head at herself hahahaha
moonrise31: man it looks so ridiculous to be scratching that bowl unless you’re scared out of your wits D: haha the benefits of retrospect

moonrise31: I like how taeyeon is still asking questions. I would just be freaking out, period.
MoonSoshi9: Poor Yuri is exhausted too haha
moonrise31: being possessed really takes a lot out of you xD
moonrise31: OH CRAP THAT PICTURE FELL. I almost jumped
MoonSoshi9: Yuri is freaking out oh my god
moonrise31: honestly it’s super believable ’cause of yuri too
moonrise31: oh man. the guy falling out
moonrise31: and everything becomes clear. as taeyeon says later at that one recent concert…SURPRISE! hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: Hahahaha she is going crazy. She was totally scared. She fell for it
moonrise31: mission success!
MoonSoshi9: She’s speechless
moonrise31: taeyeon is showing a preview for their genie concept XD
MoonSoshi9: Hahaha yes! with the face paint. It’s a good look on her :D

taeyeon hmf

MoonSoshi9: Oh man I remember the haunted school!
moonrise31: oh man…the next episode is also creepy. jessica kicks the people who scared her XD
MoonSoshi9: The next episode is so scary. and so funny
moonrise31: yes XD
MoonSoshi9: Ahhhh it’s over. I’m kind of relieved because it was a bit freaky. haha
MoonSoshi9: But at the same time, SO GOOD
moonrise31: yeah I totally know what you’re saying XD
MoonSoshi9: I always heard that this show didn’t do that well, but it is one of my favorite Girls’ Generation shows! There are so many awesome moments
moonrise31: I know! it was so fresh in the beginning
MoonSoshi9: After a while they kind of didn’t really know what to do with the show haha, but I still found it entertaining at least. Any show with all the girls is going to be awesome by default
moonrise31: so true! and we’re gonna watch them all >: D

The creeps and chills continue in the next episode of “Horror Movie Factory”, followed by plenty of memorable Girls’ Generation moments as the members attempt to learn what it takes to become successful actresses. Be sure to head on over to the Soshisubs Downloads Section for the rest of the show. The next edition of “Soshi on the Silver Screen” has already been decided since last month was such a tight race. We’ll see you all again in July, when we’ll be watching “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”!

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