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Update May 6th:

On May 6th, Tiffany threw out the opening pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.  Excitement was already high for Tiffany’s pitch before the game, as the official Major League Baseball twitter account tweeted, “Tiffany from @GirlsGeneration is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before @dbacks-@dodgers tonight in LA. This is a very big deal.”

Tiffany gave a short interview before her pitch talking about watching the Dodgers as a child. She also mentioned that she is looking forward to an LA stop on their world tour. Dressed in the Dodgers’ uniform, Tiffany gave it her best shot, and the Dodgers official twitter account shared a video of her pitch saying, “Tiffany’s first pitch: Out of the strike zone, but still adorable.”

Before coming out on the field, the Dodgers twitter account tweeted a photo of Tiffany, “LA native and K-pop star, Tiffany of @GirlsGeneration has arrived”. Tiffany took some time before her pitch to greet the more than 50 fans that came out to cheer her on and sign autographs. The Dodgers twitter account also shared a video of Tiffany meeting their star pitcher, Ryu Hyunjin, as well as a photo with another Dodgers player, Matt Kemp.

Tiffany had a lot of pressure to live up to Jessica’s classic pitch, but she definitely put on a fun show for the crowd. Congratulations to Tiffany for throwing out the opening pitch for a Major League game!

Check out photos from the event and watch Tiffany’s cute pitch and interview below.

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Original article:

Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account revealed that Tiffany will be at the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game on May 6th at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to throw out the first pitch and meet Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyunjin. This will mark the first appearance for a Girls’ Generation member at a major American sports event. Jessica was the last Girls’ Generation member to throw a first pitch at a baseball game, which has become an infamous moment for SONEs.

Fans of Girls’ Generation have organized a project for Tiffany at the baseball game and will be sitting in section 1RS in rows M, L, and K. For more details, head to the Southern California thread in Soshified’s Forum. Be sure to wear pink!

Tickets for the game are available through online ticketing vendors such as Stubhub or Ticketmaster. Tiffany will be leaving South Korea on May 4th for the opening pitch and a photoshoot in Los Angeles.

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