Hello, and welcome to the second edition of “Soshi on the Silver Screen”! Your votes last month were overwhelmingly in favor of a particular show starring the luckiest guy ever. So this month, MoonSoshi9 and moonrise31 watched the first episode of “Hello Baby”, which was filled with many iconic, entertaining Girls’ Generation moments as well as helpful parental tips. So whether you’re ready for one more marathon of back-to-back hilarious episodes or hitting the play button for the first time, join us as we follow the girls in taking their first steps to becoming nine very special moms for one very lucky baby.

moonrise31: Sunny and her long hair. I miss hahahhaa
MoonSoshi9: Could you imagine SNSD taking care of you…would be the best childhood ever I think
moonrise31: I’d be like, “why don’t I remember more T_T”
moonrise31: oh my gosh this was totally the tv show that got me hooked on Soshi
MoonSoshi9: This show was so fantastic, even from the start I love how it felt so unscripted. The girls just interact with each other…Baby Soshi!!!!
moonrise31: yeah…improvement over the reality tv shows I usually watch haha
MoonSoshi9: These cute kids
moonrise31: awwwww Tiffany actually has the same smile
moonrise31: seohyun looks exactly the same
MoonSoshi9: Taeyeon is like the proud mom lol
moonrise31: Hyoyeon too my gosh hahahahhah
MoonSoshi9: going through all their pictures and laughing. Yoona looks the EXACT same, it’s crazy. Such a baby face
moonrise31: awwww Yuri. just add a mustache, apparently hahahha
MoonSoshi9: Yul oppa hahaha

MoonSoshi9: These girls are in their twenties and spazzing over baby toys like it’s for them
moonrise31: I’ve noticed that as we grow older we enjoy the kid things a lot more hahahaha
moonrise31: or maybe it’s a girl thing? XDDD
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung lol so harsh
moonrise31: ah I almost thought it was Kyungsan haha I was tricked too T_T
moonrise31: ah they’re all so tense hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: You know, as a guy, I didn’t think I would really like this show when I first started watching. All I knew was that it was just about raising a baby. But then they got into it and just make it so entertaining. It’s impossible not to have fun with them
moonrise31: I know right? just look at this quiz competition, I’m not even paying attention to the questions hahaha
MoonSoshi9: It was also interesting to see the difference in how children are raised in Korea, like their children’s songs and things like that.
moonrise31: that’s true. now I know “three bears” like the back of my hand haha
MoonSoshi9: Yes! that song was burned into my memory from this show
MoonSoshi9: Sunny already proving to be best mom getting the most answers correct
moonrise31: sooyoung smells the diaper hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung…why…
moonrise31: yes…that part…their faces hahaha
moonrise31: “Okay. I GOT it.”
MoonSoshi9: these awkward girls talking about male babies and…that part…and Tiffany “Oh my god” haha

MoonSoshi9: Everyone wants Sooyoung’s long legs
moonrise31: taeyeon is offended XD hahahah poor Yuri, caught in between Hyoyeon and Yoona
MoonSoshi9: the two pranksters
moonrise31: if I ever have a kid, I’m gonna watch this show again and take notes hahaha and really, I’ll probably watch this show again just because XD
MoonSoshi9: it would be a good way to entertain yourself and your kid
MoonSoshi9: and get them hooked on soshi early lool
moonrise31: hahahah “back in my day….”
MoonSoshi9: Yoona is so adorable oh my god
moonrise31: Yoona is prepared with the baby formula
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung just sipping on the milk herself…
moonrise31: food is food, I guess.
MoonSoshi9: and now she dropped the baby
moonrise31: oh lord hahahah
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung, get it together girl
moonrise31: scene out of horror movie factory XD
MoonSoshi9: The daily dad is about to make his entrance!
MoonSoshi9: It was so funny seeing how the dads interacted with Kyungsan and Soshi throughout the show. They all had their own styles haha
moonrise31: with varying amounts of success XD
moonrise31: hahhahahaha yuri “can you just show us your nose and upper lip”
MoonSoshi9: They are so excited hahahahaha this is why the show is so great. They just have fun
moonrise31: putting the “Girl” in “Girls’ Generation”
MoonSoshi9: MC Mong, I would run away to live with SNSD too, good plan
moonrise31: let’s do it.

moonrise31: 100 pushups. such high expectations, Sooyoung XD
MoonSoshi9: 100 pushups is so many…: though if Sooyoung was asking me I would find a way lol
moonrise31: haha can’t say no to these girls :3
MoonSoshi9: The bear song!
moonrise31: this should be the theme song for the show haha
moonrise31: Soshi always wins. haha
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung playing with Hyoyeon’s ponytail, cute
moonrise31: Seohyun’s face. cute T_T
MoonSoshi9: Soshi. cute
moonrise31: the baby’s not even here yet XD

MoonSoshi9: poor daily dad is getting abused already
moonrise31: hehe. oh gosh they’re standing in the crib hahhahaa
MoonSoshi9: Sunny’s so tiny she fits with all the baby stuff!
MoonSoshi9: Kyungsan is almost here! The long awaited baby arrival
moonrise31: he’s also cute x3 fits right in with soshi haha
MoonSoshi9: Yoona running in all excited hahahahaha
moonrise31: Yoonaaaaa
moonrise31: Seohyun’s telling them to be quiet. such a responsible maknae haha
MoonSoshi9: Meet Kyungsan, the luckiest child to ever be born
moonrise31: seriously.
MoonSoshi9: It must have been hard for his parents to put him on the show
moonrise31: good thing he was well taken care of

MoonSoshi9: Poor Tiffany has problems with babies haha, she’s intimidated
moonrise31: yeah this show was a bit difficult for her at first…but it was better in the end
MoonSoshi9: poor Kyungsan getting manhandled by MC Mong lmao
moonrise31: they’re all worrying on the side haha
MoonSoshi9: Kyungsan is making the most important decision of his life. He just doesn’t know it yet
moonrise31: when he’s old enough to look back on this and understand what’s going on, what’s he gonna say XD
MoonSoshi9: The look on Tiffany’s face when he picked her item. Hahahahaha
moonrise31: they made him do it again hahaaha
MoonSoshi9: She looked terrified for real
moonrise31: she matured through this show, I think
MoonSoshi9: Definitely. She was a little reserved at the start but you could see her become more and more open with the baby by the end. and you could see more of her motherly type personality and how she cares for those close to her
moonrise31: even in the beginning she was always running around in the background taking care of things
MoonSoshi9: BTS best mom

moonrise31: hahaha singing gee in the back when they mention nursery rhymes
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung and Sunny cuteness battle. I’m cringing
moonrise31: oh lord. I am not prepared for this
moonrise31: and then Yoona too. nooooo
MoonSoshi9: And Yoona wins!
moonrise31: haha someone has a bias XD
moonrise31: aw poor Seohyun…never heard haha
MoonSoshi9: She used to be so quiet
moonrise31: ahhh hard to believe it’s already been almost four years
moonrise31: aaand Sunny is best mom
MoonSoshi9: The start of Sunny’s reign as Kyungsan’s mom. lol

moonrise31: Taeyeon’s high pitched voice hahaha
moonrise31: Soshi’s actually taking care of the baby instead of eating haha
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung smelling diapers again
moonrise31: I guess it’s important…. hahahha
MoonSoshi9: Hahaha Yuri is getting yelled at for wearing bright clothes
MoonSoshi9: YOONYUL
moonrise31: even they call themselves that hahahaha
MoonSoshi9: Oh my god I fell in love with their tragic story together. They were so adorable
moonrise31: they really added to the storyline. hehe
MoonSoshi9: lol Sooyoung, yes you are pretty
moonrise31: daily dad chugging Kyungsan’s milk. I think yuri drinks his juice later, doesn’t she? XD
MoonSoshi9: “Bring the nipple”
MoonSoshi9: The most hilarious line ever, and they all crack up after. especially Taeng who said it
moonrise31: korean is indeed a difficult language XD
MoonSoshi9: Tiffany, you tried
MoonSoshi9: but Kyungsan is now crying
moonrise31: awwww she looks so dejected here comes Yoonyul haha
moonrise31: HE LAUGHED
MoonSoshi9: YoonYul moms showing how it’s done lol
MoonSoshi9: Hyoyeon hahahah heartless just pushing Tiffany out of the way
moonrise31: all Tiffany wants to do is feed him T_T
moonrise31: Yoonyul and their struggles haahahha
MoonSoshi9: Their BTS interview scenes were always hilarious. bonding over their shared failures lol
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung of course is the first to sit down and eat
moonrise31: Mong isn’t doing anything hahahhaa. good thing sunny’s there
MoonSoshi9: Tiffany is giving Mong the staredown. That is scary
moonrise31: Manager Hwang
MoonSoshi9: I would not want to be on the receiving end of that glare
moonrise31: haha now they’re teaching him how to feed Kyungsan. these girls learn quickly
moonrise31: bipolar kid. so many struggles haha
MoonSoshi9: See Tiffany is in the back all exasperated, but she’s reading the book on Kyungsan and trying to help in her own way
moonrise31: it’s okay, Tiffany. we know you care even if the dads don’t notice…

moonrise31: woah. done. why do these shows all end so fast
MoonSoshi9: Seriously! Good thing the show is from 2009 and we can marathon it if we want now
moonrise31: muahahahah
MoonSoshi9: Hello Baby even won an award didn’t it?
moonrise31: yup! best picture for variety
MoonSoshi9: Well deserved. It was such a different concept, and Soshi has the personalities to make it so entertaining
moonrise31: was this the first round of hello baby?
MoonSoshi9: Yeah I believe so, and then other idol groups started doing it after them with other kids
moonrise31: and look at how big the project has grown now
MoonSoshi9: I think Hello Baby is one of everyone’s favorites because we get to see all of the girls on one show, they get to have fun, and it was in 2009, which was like the golden era, where they just exploded everywhere
moonrise31: the girls really started to shine then
MoonSoshi9: Totally, and there were so many amazing moments in Hello Baby during this whole promotion time. My favorite might always be the Christina impression that shows up later
moonrise31: oooh yes
MoonSoshi9: Sooyoung’s voice is just hilarious when she does it hahaha
moonrise31: I was surprised at how close the imitation actually was XD
MoonSoshi9: It’s just so random and the girls just can’t stop laughing at each other. kind of sums up the whole show lol
moonrise31: hahaha basically. they can have fun and take care of a baby too . multi-tasking at its best

“Hello Baby” is chock-full of amazing and unforgettable Soshi moments, so be sure to catch the rest of the episodes through the SoshiSubs Classics YouTube channel as well as the Soshisubs Downloads Section. Vote in the poll below for what you want us to watch next, and we’ll see you in the next edition of “Soshi on the Silver Screen”!

Written by: moonrise31@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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