Anticipation grows for the sequel to 2010’s high grossing 3D animated film, “Despicable Me”, with “Despicable Me 2” (in Korea as “Superbad 2”). Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Seohyun, praised for their voice dubbing in the first film, will reprise their roles for the upcoming sequel. Promotion for the film kicked off in Korea with the release of the first trailer.

Taeyeon provides the voice for Gru’s eldest daughter, Margo, a ten year old girl with an attitude far beyond her young age. Seohyun, meanwhile, voices the mischievous and cynical Edith.

In “Despicable Me 2”, Gru continues his dream in becoming the world’s greatest villain, yet is ironically recruited by the shadowy Anti-Villain League to combat the threat posed by the new character, Eduardo. Fans will be thrilled to see Girls’ Generation voice Gru’s cute kids as they team up with the lovable Minions once more.

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