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Eider Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Yoona from a Photoshoot

Eider revealed behind-the-scenes footage of Yoona and Lee Minho’s photoshoot for the brand’s upcoming spring/summer collection. Both Yoona and Lee Minho are smiling brightly as they show off a variety of sporty outdoor gear.


THEFACESHOP Posts New Advertisement Featuring Seohyun

TFS Seohyun

THEFACESHOP recently shared a new photo of Seohyun, advertising a video event that the brand is hosting for its “Aura CC Cream” line of products. The brand will randomly select 30 individuals who have shared its “Aura CC Cream” video advertisement and send those winners the product as a reward.

Yakult’s Official Facebook Page Reveals New Photo of Girls’ Generation


Yakult’s official Facebook page revealed a new cover photo featuring Girls’ Generation for its “Diet LOOK” campaign. On the cover photo, the girls show off their their slim and amazing figures, catching any viewer’s attention.

DOUBLE-M Uploads New Photo of Sooyoung

Sooyoung- doubleM

DOUBLE-M recently uploaded a new photo of Sooyoung onto its official Facebook page. She looks stunning in both a chic “black” look and an innocent and pure “white” look.

Mamonde Releases New CF Featuring Yuri

Mamonde recently revealed a new advertisement for its BB Cream. In the commercial, Yuri shows off her bright complexion and Mamonde’s product in the midst of a cascade of pink flower petals.


Girls’ Generation to Attend “Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2013”

Girls’ Generation will attend the “Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2013” on March 22nd as Korea’s representative music group. For more information, visit the event’s official website.


Jessica Takes a Photo of Herself with Actress Park Minyoung

Sica and PMY

Park Minyoung, an actress and a good friend of Jessica, tweeted a celebratory photo after Jessica’s last “Legally Blonde” performance. Her accompanying message read, “Sic Woods’ last performance celebratory picture. Good job, my dongsaeng ♥”.

Jessica Poses for Photos with Her Co-stars from “Legally Blonde”

Sica and co star



During her last day performing as Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, Jessica took several photos of herself with her fellow cast members. All of them expressed their sadness at Jessica leaving the musical. Choi Hyunji, tweeted a selca of herself with Jessica. Another co-star, Lee Eunjin, wrote, “Bye Sica.. Good work! In the opening at the department store today and holding hands with the May Queen sisters ㅋㅋㅋ It was a teary moment. It is sad to say good-bye to someone who you spent even a little time with.. I’ll always have your back :D”. Lee Dasom’s tweet read, “Yesterday was ‘Legally Blonde’ Jessica Elle’s last perfomance.. The start of the last ten days after letting two Elles go already! Sica, just like Eunji.. shining in the midst of our no makeup faces.. this is not fair.. Happy last performanceㅎㅎㅎ”.

Yuri Featured in “High Cut” Magazine


Yuri was featured in the latest edition of “High Cut” magazine for a chic and sexy photoshoot. More photos of Yuri from “High Cut” magazine can be found in Soshified’s Gallery.

The Bride Reveals Tiffany’s Sponsor Photo


A sponsor photo of Tiffany wearing a dress from The Bride was recently revealed. She wore this dress as an MC during SBS’s “K-Pop Super Concert in America” last year.

Sean Garrett and Ricky Luna Tweet Photos of Sean with Girls’ Generation

greenshot_2013-03-08_11-33-50 greenshot_2013-03-08_11-32-18

American record producers Sean Garrett and Ricky Luna both recently tweeted photos of Girls’ Generation in a Seoul recording studio. Ricky’s tweet reads, “With #girlsgeneration Seoul Studios. We are working together on an album. #seangarret is a beast.”

Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun Share Photos and Messages on SONE PLUS+


Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun posted new photos and messages onto SONE PLUS+, Girls’ Generation’s Japanese fansite. In the first photo, Tiffany can be seen taking a selca. Her message read, “It’s been a while Hiroshima~★ It was a lot of fun! Let’s have a fun time tomorrow too! I snapped a commemorative photo for today~♪”.  In the second picture, Jessica and Hyoyeon are seen with oranges from Hiroshima, while in the third, Seohyun poses cutely for the camera. Seohyun also included a message, saying, “Everyone’s voices were really loud and that got us really excited both days! ♪ I’m thankful for the fans for making such fun times. Let’s meet again~★”

New Sets of Pictures

banila co. – Jessica1, Jessica2, Jessica3

Eider – Yoona1Yoona2Yoona3Yoona4

Mamonde – Yuri1, Yuri2

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 3/6: Left Japan for Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea

• 3/6: Arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea – News and Fantaken Images

• 3/8: Left South Korea from Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea – News and Fantaken Images

• 3/8: Arrived in Japan

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

taeyeon graffati

Visual art can be expressed through many different mediums, and graffiti is always an impressive one. This brilliant picture of Taeyeon is a perfect way to celebrate the Kid Leader’s 25th birthday.

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