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banila co. Releases Picture from “Beauty Talk with Jessica” 


banila co.’s Facebook page released a behind-the-scenes picture of Jessica from its recent “Beauty Talk with Jessica” event. In the picture, Jessica is standing next to a display of the “Radiant CC Cream” line of products that she is currently endorsing.

banila co. Uploads Teaser Photo of Jessica

jessica banila

banila co. recently posted another picture of Jessica on its Facebook page. The message accompanying the photo announces that shooting has begun for Jessica’s spring collection.

Innisfree Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Yoona


Innisfree’s official Facebook page revealed a new behind-the-scenes photo of Yoona. The preview shows just a quick glimpse of what’s in store for Yoona and Innisfree in 2013.

Sooyoung Writes a Message for DOUBLE-M

sy double m

Sooyoung recently wrote a message congratulating DOUBLE-M on its Facebook renewal. The full message reads, “Hello! It’s DOUBLE-M’s muse Sooyoung! Congratulations on DOUBLE-M Facebook renewal :) Please show the 2013 S/S season, together with Sooyoung and DOUBLE-M items, a lot of love ♥”

Eider Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Video of Yoona

Eider revealed behind-the-scenes footage of Yoona and Lee Minho’s photoshoot for the brand’s upcoming seasonal apparel. The clip features both models showing off the various sporty outdoor gear Eider has become known for.

Mamonde Announces New Event

yuri mamonde

Mamonde recently published an advertisement featuring Yuri on its Facebook page. The picture announces the company’s search for makeup beauty testers and gives details on how to enter.

THEFACESHOP Releases New Advertisement Featuring Seohyun

seohyun faceshop

THEFACESHOP recently tweeted an ad calling for 10,000 people to try out its latest product, the “Aura CC Cream”. Seohyun is featured in the advertisement, showing off her glowing complexion.


Choi Hyunji Thanks Jessica for Her Kindness


Choi Hyunji, Jessica’s fellow castmember on “Legally Blonde”, thanked Jessica in a tweet for her kindness. On February 20th, Jessica held out a handmade paper sign during the musical’s curtain call. The paper wished Hyunji a happy birthday.

“High Cut” Magazine Reveals New Photo of Girls’ Generation


“High Cut” magazine recently revealed a behind-the-scenes photo of Girls’ Generation. A few of the members signed a photo that was posted on the magazine’s official site.


Teddy Riley Tweets Picture of Himself with Tiffany


American music producer Teddy Riley recently tweeted a photo of himself with Girls’ Generation member Tiffany. He added a caption to the picture, which read, “Multi-platinum artist Tiffany from Girls Generation at the Video shoot.”

Aerin Yuktadatta Tweets Two Photos of Herself with Girls’ Generation



Aerin Yuktadatta, an actress from Thailand, recently tweeted two photos of herself with Sunny and Hyoyeon. In the first photo, she and Hyoyeon both do cute V-sign poses. In the second, all three pose with a dance move from “The Boys”.

Sponsored Photo of Seohyun Uploaded Online


A sponsored picture of Seohyun was recently uploaded online. In the photo, Seohyun is wearing a stunning and elegant green gown from Bridal Kong. She wore the dress at the “2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards”.

Girls’ Generation Poses for a Backstage Photo in Saitama


A backstage photo of Girls’ Generation in Saitama during their second Japanese tour was recently revealed. The girls, dressed in one of their stage outfits from the concert, are posing cutely with the camera.

Jessica Reveals New UFOtown Profile Picture


On February 21st, Jessica uploaded a new UFOtown profile picture. The two-shot photograph shows Jessica’s radiating beauty.

Yoona Updates UFOtown Profile Picture

yoona ufo 130222

Yoona recently updated her UFOtown profile picture with a photo of herself dressed in a sparkly outfit. The close-up shot highlights her remarkable beauty.

Sooyoung Shares a Meal with “Midnight TV Entertainment” Cast


Sooyoung and the cast members of SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” recently posed for a quick photo. The show’s MCs show a close relationship as they share a meal together.

Girls’ Generation’s Official Twitter Account Posts Photo of Yuri 

yuri mamonde

Girls’ Generation’s Twitter account recently tweeted a photo of Yuri, taken during her commercial shoot for Mamonde. With a tube of lipstick in her hand, Yuri is playfully winking in front of the camera.

Sunny and Hyoyeon Attend a Birthday Party

sunny hyoyeon friends

A photo of Sunny and Hyoyeon with their friends was recently revealed. Along with Miss A’s Min, Sunny and Hyoyeon attended a birthday party and posed for a picture.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, and Seohyun Upload New Photos onto SONE PLUS+


tiffany yuri sone +


Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, and Seohyun uploaded new photos onto SONE PLUS+, Girls’ Generation’s official Japanese mobile website. In the first photo, Taeyeon is holding a pink notebook while smiling for the camera. In the second photo, Tiffany and Yuri show Japanese food from Niigata. The last photo features Seohyun with a V-sign pose and a signed sphere, which Girls’ Generation members have been giving out during their concerts.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 02/18: Left Japan for Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea

• 02/18: Arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea – Fantaken and News Images

• 02/19: Jessica left Japan for Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea

• 02/19: Jessica arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea – Fantaken Images

• 02/20: Taeyeon left Japan for Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea

• 02/20: Taeyeon arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea – Fantaken Images

• 02/22: Left Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea for Japan – Fantaken and News Images

• 02/22: Arrived in Japan

New Sets of Pictures

Eider Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3, Yoona4

Lotte Department Store Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4

THEFACESHOPSeohyun1, Seohyun2, Seohyun3, Seohyun4, Seohyun5

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

“I Got A Boy” prompted several different reactions from SONEs all around the world, many of whom recorded themselves watching the music video and then posted the clips onto YouTube and other popular sites. This particular music video reaction is entertaining and is representative of what many fans felt as we were finally able to watch the beginning of our favorite girls’ long-awaited Korean comeback.

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