On February 13th, Girls’ Generation – TTS received two awards at the “2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards”. The group won the “Digital Award” for the month of May for “Twinkle” and the “Album of the Year” for the second quarter of 2012 for the “Twinkle” album.

In giving the acceptance speech for the “Digital Award”, the girls thanked the many staff members and other individuals who helped them promote “Twinkle”. Tiffany also stated, “I’d like to give thanks to God. It’s a great happiness being able to find work that you love. I think it’s a greater blessing, being able to do something you love and be loved for it. And so we’re even more thankful that you’ve given us this award, and we will become a Girls’ Generation that works even harder musically. Thank you.”

For the “Album of the Year” acceptance speech, the girls opened by thanking the other Girls’ Generation members by name before Taeyeon continued, “We want to thank our seniors who cheered for and supported us. Thank you, Super Junior seniors.”

Seohyun then closed the speech, adding, “Thank you, BoA senior. Senior and juniors helped us a lot, so thank you very much. And our fans, SONE, who like our music so much. We love you very much. We will continue to repay you with good music to become prouder singers. We love you, thank you.”

This marks the second time in two years that Girls’ Generation members have brought home awards from the “Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards”, with Girls’ Generation as a group having won the “Oricon Chart Special Award” and the “Album of the Year Award” for the fourth quarter of 2011 with their “The Boys” album.

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