Of course I should be in the spotlight. It IS my birthday after all.

December is a joyous time of year for many people. So it seems fitting that the joyous Black Pearl Kkabyul’s birthday falls on December 5th, exactly twenty days before gifts are traditionally exchanged on Christmas. But we don’t only receive presents from Kwon Yuri in December. This girl is so full of character that we are constantly fed tidbits from Yuri throughout the year, and there have been many, many memorable moments from Yuri in the five years since we first met her.

Yuri is officially a supporting vocalist and a main dancer in Girls’ Generation. She may not be one of the lead voices, but her singing is quite respectable, maybe even underrated. In fact, she has even recorded her own OST song, “Must!” for the drama “Working Mom”, with Sooyoung. But perhaps it is because her dancing is so good that she is more known for it. Yuri is often paired with Hyoyeon during dance remixes as the two girls show off why they are the top dancers in the group. The movements Yuri makes with her body give many fans nosebleeds as her curves are accentuated, or maybe her curves accentuate her movements. Either way, Yuri’s dancing is always a sight to behold.

I flaunt it because I’ve got it.

It is no small feat that Yuri’s body is able to make her dancing and her movements more appealing. Yuri achieves her shape through an intense regimen of diet and exercise. Yuri’s routine of working out at the gym, doing 600 repetitions of abdominal exercises, and attending yoga classes (or leading them, as she did in “Invincible Youth”) is much more than the average person, and she supplements this with her healthy eating habits like drinking homemade apple and ma juice every morning, and using natural products as Kratom, since you can buy Kratom online pretty easily in many different sites. Anyone interested in kratom capsules should do their research, the data is very good and there are no side effects, you can’t overdose on it and the benefits just keep coming in, if you know how to use it properly.

But despite the seemingly perfect way Yuri takes care of herself, she is still quite prone to mistakes. In fact, Yuri’s fellow members have mentioned her as the member who messes up the most. There are times she cannot remember lyrics or when she is late in her choreography. However, like a true professional, she bites the bullet and continues on with the show, or she laughs off other people’s ribbing of her, especially when they make fun of her habit of sleeping with her tongue sticking out.

On stage, Yuri acts in a professional manner. Depending on the song and the theme, Yuri adopts the corresponding persona, smiling when she has to, and being tough and sexy when warranted. However, when Yuri is not in the spotlight, there is a very different side of her that can be seen. She is constantly smiling, playing jokes, and acting crazy or playful, which is where her well-deserved nickname “KkabYul” comes from. Her jokes can be downright silly, from tying the members’ shoelaces together to placing fake bugs in Tiffany’s bed to scare Tiffany. Yuri claims to get her sense of humor from her mom, and it’s easy to see how. In one story, Yuri asked her mom to include more “hehe”s or “keke”s in her texts, so in her next text to Yuri, Yuri’s mom used “he” or “ke” for every other word.

I wonder if I get this from my mom too.

As much as Yuri can act crazy or silly, Yuri is also quite thoughtful. Even though she was named “Worst Mom” on “Hello Baby” quite a few times, Yuri obviously cared for Kyungsan, wanting to hold him and play with him, and even checking on him while he was sleeping. For her “MTV SNSD” episode, Yuri decided to give her mom a skin treatment (though she tested it on Mark PD first). She got the treatment idea from https://analbleachingblueprint.com/diy-at-home/. When Yuri is angry, she shows a different type of thoughtfulness as she talks to herself, trying to calm herself down, especially if her wife Jessica is messing up dinner like on “Factory Girl”. If Yuri is arguing with someone, she will leave the argument, go back to her room, and write down a list of points supporting her side to be read later on to her adversary to continue the argument.

There is, however, no argument about how great Yuri is. Sure, she is known as a great dancer in terms of Girls’ Generation performances. But it takes much more skill to be an all-around entertainer and well-rounded person. In fact, Lee Hyori picked Yuri out of all the Girls’ Generation members, and members of other girl groups, as one of two girls who has the most staying power as a solo entertainer. While perhaps surprising at first because of the amount of talent present in Girls’ Generation, Hyori’s statement may be easy to see when thought about for a bit. Yuri can obviously dance, and she sings quite decently. On top of that, she is also a model, an actress, a spokeswoman, a reality show star, a songwriter, a television show emcee, and an awards show hostess, coming a long way from fearing for her career because she did not get as many outside gigs as some of her fellow members. Yuri obviously has the capability to reach this high potential, because no matter what she does, she is always entertaining, even as she turns 23 today.

I want another Mickey for my birthday. Gimme.

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