Hello and welcome back for the second half of a very long edition of “The Best of the Best”. Last month, your votes decided that I would be listing my favorite fan-made videos, or FMVs, for Soshified’s monthly look into the very best of anything to do with Girls’ Generation. However, this fandom has been blessed with as many talented video editors as the word “Gee” has been sung, and I found that only one list of five videos would not be enough to list all of my favorite FMVs. To avoid difficult choices, I split this month’s edition into two parts, with the first listing my nine favorite FMVs that center on a single member of Girls’ Generation, while this second part features the nine best FMVs which focus on Girls’ Generation as a group. After you’ve finished watching, let me know what you think of the FMVs I have chosen and as always, please be sure to vote in the poll to determine the topic of next month’s “The Best of the Best”. I’ll see you in the next edition!

9. Complete

Girls’ Generation’s most famous ballad never received an official music video, but has been used in many fan-made music videos meant to tug at the heartstrings. My favorite, made for Girls’ Generation’s first anniversary, takes us back to the past by using clips from the recording of Girls’ Generation’s first music videos, including “Into the New World”, “Girls’ Generation”, and “Kissing You”, as well as from one of their very first fansign events. Though they have since gone on to hold bigger autograph sessions, sing other ballads, and film bigger music videos, this FMV uses Girls’ Generation’s first ballad and first music videos to show the early days and simpler times for our beloved girl group that so many people still remember today.

8. My Best Friend

My friends who pay no attention to K-Pop are often surprised to hear that the members of Girls’ Generation are all close to one another, despite there being nine very different girls in just one group. However, those who follow Girls’ Generation have seen what my friends do not: that after endless practices, many sleepless nights, hundreds of performances, and countless tears during their time as trainees and idols, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun are as much best friends as they are members of the same group. Set to Girls’ Generation’s “단짝 (My Best Friend)”, this FMV features the friendships that have lasted the members of Girls’ Generation nearly a decade and are sure to continue for the rest of their lives.

7. The Funniest Girl Group Part 2

To say that the members of Girls’ Generation know how to be funny on television shows is almost as much of an understatement as saying Sunny is cute or the speed of light is fast. However, many of Girls’ Generation’s funniest moments are not captured on variety shows or broadcasted performances, but instead are seen in behind-the-scenes footage, on fancams, or during encore stages. This hilarious video combines many clips to show that as the much as the members can be entertaining on camera, they can be funny the rest of the time as well. This video is part of an on-going series that now includes parts one, three, four, and five all of which will leave you in stitches.

6. Why So Cute ‘_’ ?

For those who may not know, all of the members of Girls’ Generation are very cute.






Oh, does everyone know that already? Well, I guess no explanation is necessary! Hit play and enjoy four minutes of cotton candy, double rainbows, fluffy clouds, and complete happiness that will have you smiling throughout.

5. Never Forget

One of my favorite quotes from Sooyoung concerns Girls’ Generation’s “choshim”, which roughly translates to “original intention” or “original mind”. During Girls’ Generation’s acceptance speech after winning the “Mutizen Award” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” in 2010, Sooyoung said, “We will always be the Girls’ Generation who will not forget how we felt in the very beginning,” when they practiced “Into the New World” long before their debut, when they performed for audiences who had not come to see them, when the CF and endorsement deals were a trickle instead of a flood, when Yoona was recognized as Saebyuk instead of as a part of Girls’ Generation, and when they had no one to support them but each other. This FMV uses hundreds of clips and a perfectly chosen song to convey Sooyoung’s message: that amidst the fame and fortune, the members of Girls’ Generation will never forget where they’ve come from, how they felt in the very beginning, or their choshim, even after their wonderful dream is over.

4. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Though today they are known worldwide, Girls’ Generation began five years ago as an unknown rookie group in Korea. This beautiful and touching FMV showcases the hardships and struggles, the tears and sweat, and the friendship, bond, and love that brought Girls’ Generation from their humble beginnings to their current stardom. From performing in high school auditoriums to sold-out concert stadiums, this amazing video shows the then and now, and just a little of what is sure to come for the nine girls we love most.

3. Funny Moments

While I love many of their songs and their beautiful looks could stop moving trains, I fell in love with Girls’ Generation for the group’s ability to make me laugh. From their appearances on radio and variety shows to the pranks they play on each other and the many antics during their performances, the members of Girls’ Generation have made my stomach hurt and tears fall from laughter in thousands of ways, and their videos never fail to make a dull day much brighter. This hilarious FMV combines clips from variety shows such as “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” and “Running Man”, radio shows such as “Shim Shim Ta Pa”, MC positions on “Show! Music Core”, and many others for a video that still makes me laugh after having watched it dozens of times.

2.One Kind of Farewell

SunnyAegyoify’s goodbye video, “One Kind of Farewell” is a beautiful and touching FMV made for Girls’ Generation as much as it was made for SONEs. Beginning with Girls’ Generation’s very first win, this video takes us to Girls’ Generation’s dormitory and practice room, to the filming of a dozen CFs and variety shows, to Japan and Phuket, to SMTOWN and solo concerts, and to the beginning and the present of five years with Girls’ Generation. Be sure to turn on your volume and listen closely.

1. One Love

Soshified’s commemorative video for Girls’ Generation’s fifth anniversary, “One Love” is one of the most moving FMVs I have seen yet. This brilliant and heart-wrenching video recounts the early days of Girls’ Generation, its rise to becoming the nation’s girl group, the adoration from fans all over the world, and the love the members have for each other. Girls’ Generation’s five year journey, marked by a myriad of ups and downs, is told in this exactly nine minute story that represents the one love SONEs care so much for. Best of all, the story ends by showing that this journey is only just beginning.


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