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The girls have pulled off hundreds of stunning performances, but it doesn’t always go right. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though; what’s your favourite mistake during a performance and why?
-Solstice Of Light


I think it’s really cute when the girls make a mistake on stage. I’m not sadistic or anything, but seeing the girls slip up always cracks me up. My favourite mistake would have to be the one where Tiffany sang in Japanese at a Korean event. The sight of her and the other girls laughing at her silly mistake always brightens my day. And of course, who can forget Dork Taeng…



Even when the girls make a mistake, it always ends up being endearing. They are flawless 99% of the time, but that 1% makes me love them even more. My favorite mistake happened at the Boryeong Mud Festival in July of 2009, when during a great performance of “Genie” in the rain, things got a little too slippery for Taengoo…


If the girls started doing advertisements in America, what products would you like to see them endorse?


Well firstly, I don’t live in America so I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that.

Anyways, I think it’ll be fun (mostly for us) if the girls endorsed a clothing line (Imagine all that eye candy!). After seeing the Levi’s photoshoot that Tiffany had, I realised that I really, really like the idea of them endorsing a clothes brand.

Look. At. That.



Celebrity endorsements are so completely different in the United States compared to Korea. Could you imagine a huge star endorsing a water purifier or fried chicken in the US? Now that would be pretty hilarious; turn the TV on and see a KFC commercial starring Girls’ Generation bringing their Goobne Chicken expertise over to the states.

Tiffany should endorse Red Bull. I mean she pretty much does that now anyway. Seriously though, I think a really cool endorsement would be Under Armour. It’s a huge sports clothing line, and the girls could show off some fierce power like their Freestyle Sports endorsement.


Do you think being a SONE means having to buy all of the girls’ albums and collections? And if not, what other ways do you think is also possible for a true SONE to be showing love for the girls?


I definitely do not agree that you are only considered a SONE after you have all of the girls’ albums and collections. To me, being a SONE just means that you support the girls, whether it be buying their albums or simply cheering them on. Of course, buying their albums do help to increase their chances of winning awards, but physical sales can only get you that far. Emotional support is what I think the girls need and to me, being a SONE simply means that you are always there to support them.

It’s hard to define what a “true” SONE is. You mean there are “false” SONEs? It doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said, being a SONE simply means that you are a fan of Girls’ Generation. Nothing complicated about that.


If the requirement for being a SONE was purchasing every Girls’ Generation item, nobody would be a SONE except for a handful of rich people. For me, I decide what is most important to me to be able to support Girls’ Generation, whether it is seeing them in concert, buying an album so another one gets tallied up in the weekly chart, or adding a piece of Girls’ Generation memorabilia to my collection. While I personally think it is important to purchase Girls’ Generation items if you actually want them and you can afford them (especially albums since that is what ultimately guides the success of Girls’ Generation), none of these are a “requirement” to be a SONE in my eyes. In fact I think the idea of requirements itself is pretty silly. What makes one person a “true” SONE and another not a “true” SONE? Is someone who buys only one album and no extra goods but goes to see them in concert somehow “less” of a SONE than someone who buys nine of each album available? Isn’t being a SONE simply being a fan of Girls’ Generation?

When the girls see “SONE”, they aren’t breaking out a spreadsheet to see who bought the most albums or who bought the latest video collection. They see fans cheering and showing them love. There are so many ways to show support as a SONE, as a fan of Girls’ Generation. Everything from sharing fancams so more people can see the girls perform, to spazzing about the latest TV show the girls appeared on, to sending a birthday letter in a gift package, it all contributes to fans enjoying and showing their love for Girls’ Generation. Not every bit of support needs to be monetary in nature.

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