Girls’ Generation’s fifth Japanese single, “Oh!”, and the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection” both placed first on various daily charts on Oricon following their release on September 26th. The Japanese Version of “Oh!” placed first on Oricon’s “Daily Singles” Chart, selling 29,666 copies on its first day of release. Meanwhile, the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection” also placed first on Oricon’s “Daily DVD” Chart, “Daily DVD Music” Chart, and “Daily DVD Blu-Ray” Chart.

The Japanese Version of “Oh!” also took the top spots on various charts for iTunes Japan as well. The song placed first on “Top Singles – Songs” and “Top Singles – Music Videos”, as well as the overall first place for the “Top Songs” and “Top Music Videos” charts in Japan. The achievements of Girls’ Generation’s fifth Japanese single and the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection” show Girls’ Generation’s continuous success in the Japanese market.

Source: Oricon 1, Oricon 2, Oricon 3, Oricon 4, iTunes
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