Eider recently released two new CFs featuring Yoona and Lee Minho, both official endorsers for the brand. In the first CF, the two Eider models are seen in dramatic outdoor scenes while sporting Eider clothing to brave the environment. The versatility and durability of Eider apparel is shown as Yoona and Lee Minho endure everything that is thrown at them. Meanwhile, the second video is meant to show off various Eider apparel in a studio setting. Eider presents as a stylish, yet practical choice for any outdoor apparel needs.


Along with two CFs, Eider released the corresponding behind-the-scenes footage for each advertisement. As before, the first clip shows the two Eider models traveling to various locations to shoot outdoor scenes, going through the woods and up snowy mountains. In the second video, the shoot switches to an indoor studio as the two model various Eider apparel.


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Written By: kt9823@soshified

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