On May 10th, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany appeared on KBS’s “Happy Together Season 3”, where they discussed topics ranging from being nervous while performing on stage to deciding between watching either “Love Rain” or “Fashion King”.

The show began with a brief performance of “Twinkle” by Taeyeon and Tiffany, two of the three members of Girls’ Generation’s first subunit, “Girls’ Generation – TTS”. The MCs proceeded to ask them about the creation of their team name, commenting, “The name TaeTiSeo is very unique.” Taeyeon replied, “Originally, there wasn’t a specific name decided for us. They just made it by putting our names together.”

They were then asked, “Why is [the name] in that specific order?” Taeyeon answered, “We are MCing a music program every week, and the order that we stand in is Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. It also happens to be the order of our ages.”

The members also discussed mistakes while performing and surprised the MCs of “Happy Together” by confessing that they have stage fright, even though they are in their fifth year after debut. Jessica revealed, “During our ‘Hoot’ comeback stages, I made the mistake of mixing up the genders in the lyrics. I think small stages make me more nervous than larger ones.”

Tiffany told of a moment of nervousness, recalling, “I am nervous on music program stages, and, “My hands and knees were shaking during the first stage for ‘Twinkle'”. She also revealed, “After the performance, during an interview, Taeyeon’s hands were shaking.”

Taeyeon explained, “I was shaking because I had to do an interview right after I came down from the stage in a very excited state.”

Yoo Jaesuk, an MC on “Happy Together”, then brought up the topic of Yuri and Yoona’s dramas, asking, “Don’t Yoona and Yuri’s dramas air at the same time? Which one do you watch?”

Jessica caused laughter by answering, “I watch Yoona’s drama when Yoona appears and then switch to Yuri’s drama when Yuri appears, so the remote control is on fire. I have no idea what the dramas are about.”

Taeyeon and Tiffany said, “Because of all the promotions lately, we stay home if we don’t have to go anywhere. But Yuri seems to be not busy at all with the drama, so she’s home at 10 PM every time, and she turns on the TV to monitor herself. We have no choice but to watch it with her.”

Fellow Girls’ Generation member Yoona then made a surprise on the show, as filming for “Love Rain” was occurring near the set of “Happy Together”. Jessica, who recently appeared in “Wild Romance”, and Yoona took the chance to give details on the kiss scenes in their respective dramas. Jessica revealed that for her kiss scene, “There were NGs. It was too cold.”

Yoona was asked whether or not it was awkward between her and Jang Geunsuk after their three-step kiss scene. She answered, “It was just like acting. We talked normally afterwards.” She added, “I performed a parody of ‘Gag Concert’ right before doing the kiss scene”.

After Yoona left to continue filming for “Love Rain”, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany revealed several photos from their childhood. The first set of pictures were of Jessica as a young girl, which stunned everyone as it showed Jessica had the same beautiful looks as she does today. Also shown were pictures with her sister Krystal, as well as a picture that showed off Jessica’s mature vibe even in the fourth grade.

Next were photos from Taeyeon’s elementary school days and a picture of her with a perfect pose in a flower garden. Lastly, Tiffany’s pictures with the same eye-smile garnered attention. A photo of her during her trainee days in the eighth grade was also revealed. Tiffany had a beauty that is not very much different from now.

The MCs then asked Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany about their habits and thoughts. When Park Myungsoo began by asking the members “Does Girls’ Generation pass gas too?”, everyone criticized him, saying, “What kind of a question is that to ask goddesses?” However, Tiffany wittily replied, “Girls’ Generation members are humans too,” causing everyone to laugh.

Next, when asked, “Does Girls’ Generation drink alcohol too?”, the three members answered, “We’re adults too.” Tiffany admitted that she had the highest tolerance for alcohol, saying, “The other members just can’t drink too well,” and added, “Recently I like to drink ice wine with Taeyeon.”

All the members of G4 (editor’s note: a gag group which appears on “Happy Together”) also asked the members, “Why do women hide their weight when it doesn’t do any harm to their image?” Girls’ Generation then revealed their weights while pointing out the fact that males think females weigh less than they actually do.

The member with the most shocking body is Sooyoung, who is 170 cm tall and weighs 48 kg. Yoona, with her innocent image, is 168 cm tall and weighs 48 kg.

Taeyeon and Jessica, who weigh 45 kg according to their profile, said that they actually “go back and forth by about one or two kg”, and Tiffany revealed her weight to be 47 kg. Additionally, when asked if they diet, Taeyeon explained that they don’t have a special diet and said, “I actually don’t like to exercise,” and, “I’d collapse while running.” However, they also explained that some members do enjoy exercising, while Taeyeon and Tiffany are two who dislike it.

Tiffany also commented on the “Girls’ Generation diet” that made an issue online, explaining, “We eat like that as a way of weight management,” and, “It’s usually for when we’re getting ready for a comeback.”  Taeyeon continued, “If we continually ate like that, we couldn’t perform well.”

Finally, Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany played a game where they used paddles to quickly answer “yes” or “no” to questions. All three replied “yes” when asked if they sometimes want to be normal. They said the reason was because they have fans who are curious about every moment of their lives, and they have to be careful when doing anything.

Park Misun agreed with them by telling everyone that there were showers of camera flashes when Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany were coming onto the set together. Tiffany also told stories of how she went to a movie theater with Sooyoung, and fans recognized them by looking at their legs, as well as how they went to the amusement part with masks on, and fans recognized them by looking at their arms. The three members admitted that staying home is easier than going out and revealed a simple wish to go to the Han River in bright daylight.

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