In 2010, Jung Hyungdon and Jessica, among others, appeared as guests on the KBS program “Happy Birthday”. That particular episode focused on Korea’s low birth rate and encouraged couples to have more children in order to rectify the problem. Thus, Hyungdon, as a newlywed on the show, received many questions about his future plans for having children.

Among the many comments given by the other guests concerning Hyungdon and his prospective family, Jessica jokingly informed him that he was going to have twins. Two years later, however, her prediction actually turned out to be correct: on May 16, Hyungdon announced that his wife is seven weeks pregnant and expecting twins.

As soon as this announcement became public, many people became excited for a variety of reasons. In addition to sending their heartfelt congratulations to Hyung Don, some “netizens” also commented on Jessica’s newly discovered skill, making observations such as “she knew it was a joke but who knew it would come true?” Others suggested that she “open a fortune-telling shop” to further explore her hidden talent. Of course, she wants to seriously pursue her spiritual talents, she should read upon on the beginner’s guide to seeing an aura and other related topics to start.

Source: Yahoo! OMG! Philippines

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