Hello, and welcome to the sixth edition of “The Best of the Best”: a countdown of the best in Girls’ Generation music, CFs, and related media. While this time I went over the Top 5 Performances, you guys can tell me what you want to see next by voting in the poll at the end of the article. More votes are always better, so please tell me what you want! As for this edition, read through my explanation for each choice, then leave your own opinions of the best performances in the comments section! I’ll post a video for each performance at the start of each explanation. Let’s start, shall we?

5. “Into The New World Debut” performance

To start, this performance has to be on the list. The debut performance of the girls on SBS Inkigayo was the beginning of a career that we never could have imagined. While the girls don’t seem too nervous onstage, their hearts were surely pounding through every step of the choreography that they practiced hundreds of times. They showcased a completely innocent and pure feel as rookies, something which you don’t see as much with more recent newcomers. The appearance of the girls combined with the older feeling of the song emits a nostalgic feeling that makes the performance a treat to watch. The broadcast’s sentimental value is important in this performance making it onto the countdown, but because it does not have the additional aspects that the other stages have, it is just a normal stage.

4. “The Boys” performance at the MNet MAMA Awards 2011

“The Boys”, for all the performances that we saw, never had a proper remix, which is critical in sustaining interest in a track as well as providing a treat for the fans. The girls finally gave us one when they performed a remixed version of “The Boys” for the first time at the MNet MAMA Awards in Singapore. A lengthy dance sequence opened the performance, to the awe of everyone who attended. The girls showed off swift, precise, and forceful moves with colorful backgrounds accompanying them along the way. The rest of the performance was quite the show as well. While the stage started off with the girls singing in Korean, during the middle of the song the girls suddenly changed to English, and a catchy, new remix track backed the girls up. This bilingual surprise, combined with the long dance break towards the end, made it a stunning performance. Its unique opening, combined with the electrifying remix, cemented a place on this list. The remix was definitely impressive, but the next performance on the countdown remixed a song in an even more remarkable way.

3. The “Sexy Remix” of “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”

The Gayo Daejuns are often a special occasion: a showcase of the songs that dominated the airwaves throughout the year. 2009 was definitely Girls’ Generation’s year, so fans were naturally eager to see what their performances would be like at the year-end shows. The so called “Sexy Remix” of “Tell Me Your Wish” blew everyone away. The performance started off at a much slower pace than the original, turning the more upbeat rhythm of the song into a calmer one. Yet, around a minute into the song, the song speeds up, following an addictive beat which lasts the rest of the performance. The extended ending with new choreography put a exclamation point on the performance. Much of the choreography for the remix followed the original dance, but there were a few new additions which made the dance that much more sensual. The unique feel and rhythm of the stage made it stunning, but a few other performances combined that factor with other aspects, for example, a remarkable setting, to make it even better.

2. Boryeong Mud Festival

You cannot bring up many instances in which the girls performed a song in the rain, not to mention three of them. One of the songs, “Tell Me Your Wish”, is one of my favorite Girls’ Generation tracks, which made me love this performance right off the bat. Surprisingly, the girls looked quite stunning in their drenched outfits, and while the weather made things difficult, they performed to the best of their capabilities. This perseverance exemplifies the hard-working nature of the girls and how they do not want to disappoint their fans. Of course, a few other small things made this performance especially memorable. Whether it was Taeyeon dropping her mic during a hand-off, Yuri messing up her formations during “Etude”, or Seohyun losing her shoe, there were some mistakes which you rarely see coming from our girls. These minor imperfections, mixed with the unique setting, combined to make a performance that I wouldn’t soon forget. While it seems like there isn’t really anything that can top this, the last performance combines laughs, emotions, and a stage that surely cannot be topped.

1. “Into The New World”, Chuseok Festival 2009

This is my favorite performance by the girls, not only for the stage itself, but also for my own sentimental value. The performance first starts off with a video of the girls in a training room, goofing off, but finally remembering and executing their “Into The New World” choreography perfectly. Just seeing the girls be themselves is something that all SONEs can truly cherish. The upbeat atmosphere and nostalgic value added something that was unique yet familiar. And while number five on the countdown was memorable as well, this performance showed their transformation from girls into young women, a sight that was truly beautiful. For the stage, the girls were in their “Forever 9” sweaters, which created an unforgettable image and projected a sense of unity. This performance really cemented my love for the girls and turned me into a full-fledged SONE, and because of that sole reason, I don’t think anything could ever top it.


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