Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of “The Best of the Best”, a countdown of the best in Girls’ Generation’s music, CFs, and related media. While this time I went over the five best choreographies, you guys can tell me what you want to see next by voting in the poll at the end of the article. More votes are always better, so please tell me what you want! As for this edition, read through my explanation for each choice then leave your own opinions of the best choreographies in the comments section! I linked the music video in each respective choice so each choreography can be properly seen. Let’s start shall we?

5. The Boys

Sleek, refined, stylish, and oddly simple: just a few words to describe the choreography for “The Boys”. The song is definitely moving the girls in a new direction, but the dance accompanying it isn’t too complex. Simple hand movements combined with what fans call “the zombie dance” put together what is one of the easier Girls’ Generation choreographies. The dance also adds another dimension when the rap portion of the song begins: with all of girls crouching down on the floor, it emphasizes the passion in their movements. The addictive song combined with a simple choreography definitely provides for some eye-catching moments, but nothing particularly special comes out of this routine. It would fare better on the countdown if it had a signature move that was easy to pull off, therefore generating wide appeal, something the higher ranked choreographies all have.

4. Run Devil Run

When first looking at the dance for RDR, it may seem deceivingly simple. However, the plain running motion is indeed harder than it looks. The move fits in perfectly with the song’s title, which made it stand out. Following the run, the girls brush their hands in front of them, again connecting to the song directly. If anything, this choreography focuses more on the motions of the girls’ hands rather than anything else. A mix of smoothness, sensuality, and certainly sizzle, the choreography gained many fans after its first appearance. It also mixes well with the song’s darker and more aggressive feel, something that was not seen from the girls too often at that point. Despite its signature move, Run Devil Run finds its place at number 4 because it sticks to a darker and more aggressive routine which doesn’t welcome everyone; regardless, it still stands out.

3. Into the New World

The song that pulls the heartstrings of SONEs everywhere, “Into the New World” packs a punch with its choreography as well. In what I see as their most physically challenging dance, the girls move around the stage quickly and cleanly, and put more energy into these gestures than any other routine. The various formations throughout the dance showcase the girls’ physical endurance and perfectly fit the feeling of the song. The climax of the song is reached as the girls powerfully kick up into the air, the perfect cherry on top. The overall variety combined with the quick movements certainly propel “Into the New World”‘s choreography higher than other dances, but the dance lacks a certain addictive feeling which the higher choreographies on this countdown exude. “Into The New World” is a jack of all trades, full of variety, but a master of none, not excelling in anything unique.


When it was first announced, the title “MR. TAXI” surely raised a few eyebrows. But once the catchy song and electrifying dance were shown off, everything flowed well together. Dubbed the “steering wheel” dance, the choreography became quite popular among its target Japanese audience. With the girls’ hips moving in unison with their hands, the dance provided a sultry mix of moves. The one thing that stood out to me during the whole song is that the girls’ moves are more crisp and strong compared to their other dances. With solos and duets, the choreography showcases each member in the perfect way. The choreography brought together something fun yet attractive at the same time, a unique mix. While the dance showed something different, it failed to create the impact of the number one choice, and just didn’t catch on like some of the other choreographies on the countdown.

1. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

My pick for the best Girls’ Generation choreography is none other than the dance from their smash hit “Sowoneul Malhaebwa”. From the beginning of the dance, with the girls lined up in a straight line and then suddenly splitting, you can tell that this is going to be good. The routine emphasizes the girls’ legs, which became famous due to the flicking of their leg during the dance. They showed off their slender legs while keeping a sophisticated feel, so it’s no wonder that this dance started a craze throughout both Korea and Japan. The girls’ hips also move in an almost hypnotizing way, emphasizing the girls’ voluptuous bodies. While the legs and hips are definitely showcased, the transitions in the midst of the song are cleanly done, and the girls have an air of confidence every time the song is performed. It has everything you need in a choreography: wide appeal, an extremely catchy song, and a signature move.


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