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What’s this? Can’t get enough of my voice once a week? You all know that giggly voice that rambles about nothing every Tuesday, right? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, if it still doesn’t ring a bell, shame on you and tune in to my shows!

…Just kidding!

Hey guys, DJ Giggles a.k.a. Michelle here, and I’m proud to present to you Soshified’s first ever Writers’ Podcast. Feeling lonely on a Friday night?  Had a bad day and in dire need of a few laughs? Why not click on that lovely play button located just at the top of the page? I guarantee that it’ll be fun, and if you don’t laugh even once while listening, you can come rant at me on my radio.

Still not convinced? Okay, allow me to share a few secrets about the Writers’ team.

Upon first impression, we seem like a group of workaholics who have no life. All day, everyday, we sit in front of our computers and patrol the web for Girls’ Generation news. Our game faces are on twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Sleep? Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak. Actually, that isn’t really true. Well, maybe the last part about sleep because we are always up at ungodly hours, but aren’t many if not all SONEs like that? Anyway, back to the topic! In truth, despite the fact that we work hard to constantly provide SONEs with the latest news about Girls’ Generation, we also have our downtime as well. Well, maybe not Jon since he’s always online. I kid! But seriously, we’re just a group of silly people who enjoy spazzing about Girls’ Generation and talking about the most random things.

I understand how this can be hard to wrap your minds around. We don’t really like to show this side when we deliver news, columns, features, and so on to SONEs. We are professional people, but with the birth of this podcast it will give us the opportunity to finally show our childish, awkward and/or funny sides. We don’t want you guys to think of us as nothing but serious. In fact, that is completely delusional! So if you haven’t already, give the podcast a listen and get to know us more on a personal level. We’re not always about business, even though it may seem like it when we’re busy conjuring a monthly column, or kindling the sparks of insiration that allow for a heartwarming feature or a thoughtful review.

Go ahead, there is nothing to lose! Click that lovely play button. I promise that after you finish listening to this podcast, you will never be able think of us the same way again. Maybe. AND! If you decide to give this podcast a listen, it will make me very happy! And don’t you guys want to see a happy Giggles?

Oh, this also makes me happy. Taenylicious!

So I hope you listened all the way to the end! Were you paying attention to the podcast as it was running in the background while you were browsing Soshified, checking facebook, or replying to your emails? I hope you caught the part about the contest!

Alright, so here’s the deal. For those of you who did listen, you probably heard me try to explain the rules, but I failed miserably. So to clear up any confusion, here is what you guys have to do”(In this specific order please or else you won’t be considered for the draw)

1. Write down the username of the writer who spoke
2. Write down the Girls’ Generation member who said the quote next to the writer’s name in brackets
3. List the speakers in the correct order, starting from the first person who spoke.

SoshiLover1 says: Today is Monday!
Forever9 says: Unnie, you will die if you eat that burger
OT94Lyfe says: STRESS!

SoshiLover1 (Yuri), Forever9 (Seohyun), OT94Lyfe (Jessica)

Please email your answers to [email protected]

WARNING: Not suitable for listening in public.  May attract unwanted attention from those around you.

Enjoy and thank you to all the writers who participated!

Images: trisharosealmoguerra@wordpress
Written by: FrozenArctic@soshified
Edited by: SeraphKY@soshified, michaelroni@soshified, taengsoshi@soshified

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