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It’s been more than half a year since I last updated with a new Back to Basics edition, and it gives me the odd jitters to welcome you back after so long! Instead of continuing from where I left off (month of May), I’ll be starting from scratch; Bringing you all the way back to the past of our 9 favourite girls beginning with January. The years 2008 till 2010 have already been covered HERE, so you might want to read that first before you continue with this edition of January 2011.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter where it begins, because Back to Basics promises you earnest reminiscing, and you’ll be smiling to yourself by the end of it. I know I always do. No read is ever a boring read when it comes to the girls, so brush up on your knowledge and enjoy while you’re at it!


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Just like how the month of January introduces new possibilities and potential, the spotlight remained on Girls’ Generation as everyone eagerly waited for their next move. After an overwhelmingly successful 2010 in South Korea, it was inevitable the girls begin their advancement beyond their home grounds. Ambitious and driven, the girls voiced out their intentions to keep up with activities in Korea as well. It became apparent that the girls had more than ample activities mapped out to keep them occupied for the new year.


2011: We want to work diligently in both Korea and Japan and be loved by our fans. If there was one more thing, we do want to go out into the wider world. So that we can meet our fans in countries around the world.


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After bagging an impressive number of awards at 2010’s year-end award ceremonies, the girls continued their streak at the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards. Held on January 20th at Kyunghee University, the 9 girls were present to accept the Daesang (with 3 other awards) for the 2nd year in a row. Yuri was one of the three hosts, and the girls expressed their gratitude for being able to start the year on a high note.

Girls’ Generation’s influence surpasses just the music scene. The girls were chosen by Asia Today as powerful individuals that have a positive impact on how the world views South Korea. Among the other delegates chosen, Girls’ Generation was one of only two artists.


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With the aim of working hard in the Japanese music scene, the girls kicked off the year with Run Devil Run Japan. The song was first released through Chaku-Uta (ringtone) and reached top place on the daily rankings. This marked a successful start as the ringtone industry plays a significant role in Japan and is a telling sign of an artist’s influence. Girls’ Generation later appeared on Asahi’s “Music Station” on the 28th to perform the song. The girls were guests alongside labelmate DBSK and popular singer Avril Lavigne.

Furthermore, their Japanese debut the previous year did not go unrewarded. The girls were honoured with a cameo on the Fuji TV drama, Sazae-san 3, making it the first appearance from a foreign artist. The girls also clinched the “New Artist of the Year” at the 25th Japan Gold Disc Awards in the Japanese music category. The prestigious awards ceremony chooses the winners based solely on the net sales of their albums.

As their fanbase gradually grew, many Japanese artists also began to speak highly of the girls. Popular singer and actor Kimura Takura chose “Gee” as the opening song for a radio show while rock act B’z praised the girls for not only their looks, but also for their singing skills and songs. Moreover, Shusuke Kaneko, the director of “Death Note” tweeted about how stunned he was by their charm on stage, while football players like Yuto Nagatomo were captured watching videos of the girls at their hotel suites.

Needless to say, this marked the beginning of the SoShi Syndrome in Japan.


The Pieces & Fragments of January:



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1. A representative of SM Entertainment confirmed that the girls were given a well-deserved break from activities. Yoona was spotted in Hong Kong earlier in the month.
2. On the 1st and 2nd, some of the girls were spotted at labelmate SHINee’s concert. They were joined by other SM artists like Super Junior, DBSK and chairman Lee Sooman. Yuri and Seohyun were also rumoured to have watched a musical together, while Jessica went to watch “The Three Musketeers” musical.
3. SM Entertainment sponsored a Girls’ Generation Fan Meet-up in Los Angeles on January 8th. 300 fans turned up and activities included dance battles and a video package.
4. It was announced on the 8th that Seohyun would be featured in DBSK’s new album for their song “Journey”.
5. On January 14th, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation had been selected as the new models for global enterprise, Intel in Asia. The girls released the song Visual Dreams on the 17th. The song reached number 1 on music site Bugs, and the girls performed the song at Intel’s new product showcase for the first time on the 18th.
6. The girls were interviewed at the set of their Visual Dreams music video by KBS Entertainment Relay. Sooyoung was chosen as the all-rounder of the group, and was praised for learning fast when it came to songs, choreography and acting.
7. Jessica travelled to Bali to participate in a Singles magazine photoshoot that was due to be released in February.
8. Tiffany and Sunny were guests (with singer Yoon Dohyun) on Lee Moonsae’s MBC FM4U radio. Lee Moonsae commented that “I think Girls’ Generation will go on for a really long time.” The girls also sang “I Can’t”, which is the soundtrack for hit drama Secret Garden.
9. The “Paradise in Phuket” photobook was released. It was filmed last August in Phuket, Thailand.
10. The One, who was also Taeyeon’s mentor said on radio that “She was a child who loved singing and dreamed of being a singer, who now has a great voice and has matured into the leader of a group that everybody loves.” He continued that he was initially worried about recording a duet in his new album, but was certain about Taeyeon and asked her to sing “Like a Star” with him.
11. Sooyoung made a cameo on drama “Paradise Ranch” as the secretary of the lead character’s father.
12. It was announced that Taeyeon and veteran singer Kim Bumsoo recorded a song together for his seventh album that would be released in April. The two have sang together various times when Taeyeon was a DJ for ChinChin.
13. Taeyeon and Yoona were spotted shopping together at Innisfree and at a popular piercing shop. The 9 girls were also spotted eating dinner in a private room and readily gave autographs when requested.
14. A fan reportedly overheard Jessica’s phone conversation with Yoona before her “Legally Blonde” musical. Yoona was reminding Jessica about eating her medicine for her cough.
15. Yoona phoned in “Kiss the Radio” and told the DJs (Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Leeteuk) she was with Taeyeon resting at their dorm. When they asked Taeyeon to sing a short verse of her OST “I Love You”, she couldn’t continue because Yoona was laughing too hard watching Taeyeon sing so seriously in her pajamas.

Shows of the Month (And definitely worth watching)
MBC Come To Play EP 320 – SNSD [01.03.11]
TV Asahi Music Station – SNSD Cut [01.28.11]
SNSD – Visual Dreams MV
20th High1 Seoul Music Awards – SNSD Cuts [01.20.11]
MBC We Got Married S2 EP 64 – Seohyun & Yonghwa Cut [01.01.11]

Awards Achieved:
2010 Daum Life Awards – ‘Music Video Of The Year’ (2nd Album ‘Oh!’) on 13th January 2011
2010 Taiwan KKBOX Awards – ‘Album Of The Year’ (SNSD Repackaged Album – ‘Run Devil Run’) on 17th January 2011
20th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award (2nd Album ‘Oh!’) on 20th January 2011
20th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award (2nd Album ‘Oh!’) on 20th January 2011
20th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Popularity Award on 20th January 2011
20th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Hallyu Special Award on 20th January 2011
The 6th Asia Model Festival: ‘Asia Star Award’ on 22th January 2011

Hope you enjoyed reading :) See you in February, and remember that nothing beats a good laugh!



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