Following the auditions held by Soshified and Yahoo! SG where Soshified member xeraphic (Clarissa) was chosen for the role of presenter, videos of the Kallang Wave fan event have finally been released!

Day 1 & 2: The Pink Kallang Wave

The entire SNSD fan community together with Yahoo! will be doing a special “Pink Kallang Wave” when the band performs their hit, “Himnae (Way To Go)” or “Fantastic”. This will be held on both nights!

The human wave will start at right-side of the stadium facing the stage (section T32), moving clockwise to the other end (section B32), during every chorus of “Himnae (Way To Go)”.

Check out the annotations in our fanchant guide video for exact timings of the wave!

Remember, the wave will start from the right of the stadium (those seated in T32) during every chorus of Himnae, so watch the video and make sure you know when to join in.

If “Himnae (Way To Go)” is not in the setlist for the concert, the Pink Kallang Wave will be done during “Fantastic” at the timings 1:00, 1:58 and 2:46, and 3:31 in the following video.


Day 2 Only: Paper Message

At the end of the song “Complete”, everyone will have an A4-sized paper to hold up for the girls to see. The message on the paper will be “소녀시대 Makes Our Lives Complete”. The messages with further instructions will be distributed to everyone in all the mosh pits AND seating areas only on the 2nd day of the concert, December 10th.

Show them your love, because we’re complete now that we’ve seen them in real life!

Lastly, check out this video that gives you the five tips on how to survive an SNSD concert. Don’t forget to bring along your Soshified foam hearts and Girls’ Generation pink lightsticks!

Be on the lookout for fellow SONEs who will be distributing the instruction fliers on the day of the concert!

Credits: Yahoo! SG (1, 2), SunshinieeS2@YouTube, SoshifiedPD Fanchant Guides