Girls’ Generation’s Yoona revealed information on her ideal type on a recent episode of Strong Heart.

After hitting New York and making their comeback with “The Boys”, Girls’ Generation made an appearance on SBS Strong Heart. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri and Yoona took part in the recording of Strong Heart, where they talked about taking the same stage as Lady Gaga in New York, disturbances on the airplane, as well as clarifying various rumors about Girls’ Generation.

On this day, Yoona garnered attention by revealing, “A guy that makes my heartbeats quicken is my ideal type.”

She stated, “There are actions that make my heart beat quickly. My heart beats when a guy ruffles my hair, as if I’m a child, and tells me I’m cute,” capturing the attention of the male guests present.

Also, actress Song Chae Hwan stated, “I came on Strong Heart to meet Yoona. There is someone I want her to meet. My daughter is 8 years old, her nickname is ‘little Yoona’, and she’s wanted to meet Yoona in real life.”

This episode of Strong Heart featuring 4 members of Girls’ Generation will air on the 8th at 11:15 pm (KST).

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