We asked Taeyeon and Sunny, who are known to be closer than no other from living as roommates for a long time, to show us something denser than love; their friendship. They must have been shy about this type of set-up, and were looking after one another a lot off camera.

The Republic of Korea’s national treasure-like girl group, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Sunny have arrived at the studio after completing their last television schedule. Taeyeon wore skinny pants with a light knit and flat shoes, while Sunny wore jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Unless you look really hard, they would have looked like fresh high school students. It’s true that they were a bit tired and sensitive these days, as it was right before the release of their official album. However, they greeted the staff members first by saying, “It’s really nice to meet you!” and also showed their characteristic “euhehehe” laugh. As roommates, Taeyeon and Sunny are two members who are known for having a tight friendship within Girls’ Generation. Their looking after one another continued on during their stay in the studio. While they were eating, the two sat together as if they were high school students sharing their meals. After eating, the two disappeared for a moment and soon walked out from the bathroom, giggling while shaking the water from their toothbrushes. They also walked so energetically! When they were walking to the makeup rooms they looked like generals returning from a victory. They looked trustworthy and cute, making me laugh inside. Despite their petite sizes, the two members have pretty good proportions. After about an hour, they stood in front of the camera wearing one-pieces, and had their hair and makeup done to make them look like twins. The two looked pretty and lovely like dolls, making the staff members go “Wow”. This type of situation must have been awkward and embarrassing for them, and they looked at one another’s transformation, saying “Whoa~”, while touching each other’s clothes, displaying a heartwarming sight.

The shoot ended smoothly, and because of the time, the interview was started right away. While they could have laid against the soft sofa to rest, the two had their backs straight, not showing a hint of dishevelment. More than just worrying about watchful eyes, it seems it was because of the members having lived as idols for many years. When told, “Lean back comfortably against the sofa,” they just replied, “Oh my, I must be more nervous than I thought? Hehehe.” The interview finally started, “How does it feel living as a Girls’ Generation member?” The two members were surprised at the groundless question and passed it over with a laugh, but the awkwardness ended there. To the editor’s advice, “Everyone~ Right now is the best moment, you have to enjoy it to the fullest!” They replied, “I know what you mean! I need to put on the makeup I like and go out to experience my popularity, hahaha,” and slapped their knees. Soon, Taeyeon and Sunny became the stars of the interview. They would giggle at times while they would clap and yell “That’s right! That’s right!” at the other’s response. Their natural gestures were evidence enough that they were enjoying their time right now.

Taeyeon, Sunny! The teaser for the long awaited official album has been gaining lots of attention. With the album release coming up, how do you feel?

Half of me wonders what people will think of our album, while the other half of me is worried. There should be responses out by the time this interview is published right? I’m nervous. It’s our first album in a year, and because it’s an album that Korean fans have been waiting for such a long time, I think the interest for it will be just as great. To be honest, we didn’t have any time to rest, having started Japan promotions right after our promotions in Korea ended, but our hiatus will be felt greatly by Korean fans.

Girls’ Generation has shown girly, lovely images a lot, but this time we’re planning on showing more diverse images. I think we’ll be able to show various images of a cool girl with our singing and style.

It’s now fall. Does the change of seasons affect the girls?

A lot, hahaha. That’s why I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental lately. I start listening to music late into the night and fall asleep wearing my earphones. I also cry while listening to music. I try to search for many different artists’ music, but I’ve been listening to a lot of J-Pop lately.

I don’t think it affects me too much. I think “I” affect myself the most, hahaha. But, as it is autumn, I listen to ballads like Taeyeon.

Out of Girls’ Generation’s members, Taeyeon and Sunny have been roommates for a long time. It seems like the two of you are becoming alike. Do you realize it, too?

-Taeyeon: I think Sunny and I were able to be roommates for so long because of our similar styles. Our mindset of making one another feel comfortable, and if the other person is comfortable then I’m good, is similar. If the other person is comfortable, then I would bear with my uncomfortablness. Because we are considerate of one another, we were able to live without any trouble. I don’t like red bean while Sunny does, so we can share boongeobbang (bread in the shape of a fish with a red bean filling), and Sunny likes curry, while I don’t, so we don’t even fight over food.

I don’t know the reason, but I think we just get along. I think we’re completely used to one another and are becoming alike after having eaten, slept, and lived together for such a long time.

What do you do when something doesn’t go your way? I imagine you have some know-how’s now.

-Taeyeon: Other than self control, there isn’t any other method. Before, I wouldn’t express anything to members and keep things to myself, but now I try to talk things out with my members and managers. I think the best way to work things out for girls is through chatting.

I think I have a cold personality. When I look at myself, I see a lot more flaws. If I’m in a bad mood, I feel like I’d become pessimistic, so I go into a fan site that only looks at me positively on purpose. Because it’s a place where fans even look at the flaws I see as something good.

Tell me any of your beauty tips. Taking care of your skin, weight, or your role model is good, too.

-Taeyeon: It’s best to treat a blemish as soon as you see it. However, if I’m busy, I can’t find time to do that, so I’m sad. At home, I use facial packs to provide moisture every morning and evening. I recently promoted for a long time with short hair, but I’m trying to grow it out now. I want to match the autumn mood and grow my hair out, hahaha. I’ve been interested in Gemma Ward’s, a model known for her baby face, style lately, and I have been paying close attention. Her style is clean and nice.

Resting and not doing anything is the best way to take care of your body and skin. The treatment is not wearing any makeup and not giving your body a hard time. If I don’t have anything special going on, I don’t wear any makeup and go around wearing comfortable clothes. My mom once nagged at me because of that, hahaha. For styles, I study magazines and reviews consistently. If I find something I like, I save the photo and apply it. Unlike Taeyeon, I’ve been wanting to break out of my long hair lately. In order to show different styles, I’ve gotten perms and dyed my hair, so my hair is really damaged. I really want to try short hair because I’ve had long hair for such a long time.

Are there times where you think you look particularly pretty?

-Taeyeon: I think I look the best and natural before I sleep? Hohoho.

Hm? When was it? I don’t think it’s when I clean off my makeup… Hahaha! I’m not sure. People always say my energetic appearance is cute.

What do you do during your alone time, or when you’re with your members?

-Taeyeon: I think not going out has become a habit. But, I go out when I really want to every now and then. When my purchase desire is at its peak, that’s when the splurge god appears, hahaha. I’m most interested in makeup and shoes. Sometimes I’ll go out alone to buy makeup or shoes from the mall. I usually browse trends and new products online, and use that information when I go shopping. I put on the makeup I bought when I get bored. I see if the color applies well, what color suits me, clean it off, and repeat, hahaha. I usually use the VOD service to watch TV shows at home.

Playing with our members is more fun, and we have figured out many ways to have fun by ourselves. Because the majority of our members have their drivers license, we drive out to the Han River or go to the nail shop. I remember one time where Hyoyeon and I drove the car out to the river and struggled because we couldn’t park. There are so many people at the river! During my free time, I watch a lot of TV, but I watch the movie channel a lot. Because the VOD service has been improved lately, I am able to watch all the movies I want. We gather around to watch something, but there are lots of times where there isn’t anything to watch because we already have watched everything.

How does it feel living as a member of Girls’ Generation in the [Republic of] Korea?

-Taeyeon: Of course it’s nice and an honor, but it’s also a bit burdensome because there are so many watchful eyes. But it’s also true that we aren’t sure of just how popular we are because once we get off stage, all our time is spent together with the members. It’s only to the degree of thinking “This is how popular we are” when we see banners and hear fans’ cheers. I need to sit in front of a cheap vanity mirror with lights and pretty myself up with the makeup I like and then go out to enjoy myself. It’s a bit sad that I have to feel satisfied looking at myself in the mirror at home.

There’s not a great sense of reality regarding our popularity because we don’t use Twitter or have mini homepages. It’s to the point where we say, “Hey, Soshi’s number one.” Of course, we are able to feel the love and attention from fans through concerts or other performances and events. I’m always thankful of everyone’s attention and think of them as the strength I need to do what I like to do. Although I can’t feel 100% of it, I try not to forget their love.

From a girl to a woman. Are there times where you feel you’ve really matured?

-Taeyeon: I feel like I’ve matured when I have more self control than before. At times like that, I think “I’ve grown a lot”, and feel good about myself. Before, if there was something I did not like, I would hold in all my anger and cry in the car. Because my makeup can’t get erased, I would do so while wiping off the tears with a tissue, heukheukheuk. Then I would forget it, but now I’ve learned to look past most things.

I feel proud of myself when I do things aggressively/enthusiastically. Things I do under my own initiative have increased, as opposed to doing things people tell me to do. I don’t get pulled around by other people’s suggestions, and have become my own man. Even when choosing a concept, I suggest my opinions enthusiastically, and know when I should just follow as well.

Is there a different area that you want to attempt? If there is, what, how, and when would you want to try it?

-Taeyeon: Hm… Something I consistently want to do is composing. Along with that, I want to sing, play an instrument, and properly do music. I also want to DJ again.

I want to do a lot of various broadcast programs. Aside from that, I like creating new things, so I want to try producing. I realized this while preparing my concert performance, but it’s really fun creating my own stage and directing it. I didn’t have any time and didn’t know anything before, but I’ve been looking for music and taking part in directing myself and have found a new enjoyment. If you can’t balance the real world and imagination, you could get stressed out, but if you can control that, it’s a really fun job.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say to <Singles> readers who like Girls’ Generation?

-Taeyeon: I wonder what reader unnies like? Hahaha. Do us dongsaengs/younger sisters appear more cheerful and energetic for unnies to enjoy? Hahaha. Please look forward to us in the future.

I think unnies will really like the image we will show for our upcoming promotions. A cool Girls’ Generation? A cool feel? Anyway, I think we’ll be able to show a new image of Girls’ Generation, so please look out for us.

Source: Singles Magazine
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