Middle-aged actor Kim Byungse garnered attention after expressing positive feelings for Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.

On the 6th, during a preview of next week’s SBS ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’, Kim Byungse stated that he likes Jessica.

During the preview, Kim Byungse was shown with the subtitle ‘appearance after casting him on ‘Challenge! 1000 Songs’ for 2 years’. Soon after, he confessed, “I just like Jessica,” and it didn’t seem she disliked it either, making viewers curious.

Netizens who viewed the preview commented, “I’m curious as to why Kim Byungse suddenly confessed to Jessica,” and, “Jessica didn’t look like she disliked it?”

This ‘Girls’ Generation Special’ of ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’ will air on the 13th at 8:10 am (KST).

Also, the preview for this special episode with Girls’ Generation can be viewed below.


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