It was reported earlier by Soshified (here) that Taeyeon’s favorite male group recently was INFINITE, which she revealed on November 7th during the recording of “SBS Power FM Power Time with Choi Hwajung”.

However, it seems that those feelings are reciprocated. On November 19th, during the filming of KBS’s “Birth of a Family”, Infinite’s dorm room was inspected while they were gone, and they found out that one of the members of INFINITE had a picture of Taeyeon on his bed.

As soon as the broadcast had finished, it became a huge topic among netizens, some even made comments like, “he must really like Taeyeon.”, or “I’m envious of Taeyeon!” and “Which boy has Taeyeon’s picture?”.

Source: K-plaza
Written by: [email protected]

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