On the 18th of November, Girls’ Generation ended their promotions of “The Boys” on Music Bank with their goodbye stage.

During this week’s Music Bank, fans of Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation got the chance to witness the cute interaction between the two girl groups both on stage and backstage. Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls were competing for the first place, and Girls’ Generation eventually managed to clinch the award of the week, making this the 4th K-Chart win in a row.

Also, barely minutes after Girls’ Generation’s 4th win was aired, “Congrats SNSD” immediately become one of the trending topics on Twitter.

Despite many rumours that Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls are rivals, the girls proved this rumour false by actively supporting each other. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, KBS was unable to air the encore performance of Girls’ Generation performing Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby”. Nevertheless, check out the other videos of them below!




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