Today, the teaser photos were posted for Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun. This followed the release of teaser photos first for Taeyeon, then Sunny and Hyoyeon, and yesterday Jessica, Tiffany, and Sooyoung.

In the teaser photos, Yuri looks stunning in a vivid red dress with sparkling red shoes sitting off to the side. Yoona displays a fierce look as she wears all black with a sparkling tiara on her head. She also wields a fencing-style sword.



Finally, Seohyun dazzles in an all-white ensemble, while the makeup gives her skin a cool appearance.



As reported earlier, Girls’ Generation’s first comeback performance will be at Music Bank on October 7th. Stay tuned to Soshified for more updates in the event that a group teaser photo, MV teasers, and/or album pre-ordering information becomes available.


Source: Yurui
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