Soshified is pleased to announce that we have launched a brand new front page. On September 3rd, 2011, Soshified added a new, user-friendly news portal as its home page. This new portal will automatically keep users up to date on the latest Girls’ Generation news, and will result in a better experience in terms of finding and reading articles that you are interested in.

The portal was designed with a brighter background and specific font to enhance viewing and reading pleasure. The layout was ordered so members can go directly to what’s important to them and read or watch the latest goods that Soshified has produced, allowing for easier navigation. All nine girls are at either side of the page at all times to keep you company and show you their love. Seohyun’s heart and pure smile is especially addicting.

What’s new about the portal?

On this newly designed front page portal, the biggest announcements are featured at the very top, followed by the most recent Soshified article, as well as the newest articles in each section: news, reviews, features, editorials, translated goodies, and SoShi Styling posts. Newer Soshified articles round out the main section, and members can find past articles in reverse chronological order below that.

The sidebar is kept constantly updated with the latest tweets from Soshified’s official Twitter stream, the newest releases from SoShi Subs, the most recent articles on Soshified, and the latest videos from both Soshi Styling and the official SM Entertainment YouTube page. You can also like Soshified on Facebook, follow Soshified on Twitter, or +1 Soshified on Google. There are also direct links to YesAsia in case you have the urge to buy Girls’ Generation merchandise, and to Soshified’s channels on Dailymotion and YouTube, where many Girls’ Generation videos are located. A box is available for readers to look up past articles on Soshified by month, and links to buy Soshified goodies through CafePress, view Soshified art on DeviantArt, or read about Girls’ Generation fashion on SoShi Styling are below that.

This new home page allows Soshified users to have everything at their fingertips immediately after logging onto Soshified. Readers will not have to click through links that are hard to find and will be able to browse through and read articles easier. And of course, clicking on the “” logo at the very top takes you back to the main page.

Where did the forums go?

The Soshified forums are still around. Just click on the link marked “Go to Community Forums” in the top right corner of the portal. Don’t worry; nothing about the forums have changed. Your favorite discussions, threads, videos, fanfictions, games, downloads, and everything else are still in the same places.

How about within an article?

The sidebar is still present in its full form within an article, so readers do not have to go back to the homepage to read some of the newest features on Soshified. Commenting on articles is also just as easy as before, if not more so. To comment about the article, just click inside the textbox in the reply section below the article, type what you want to say, and hit “Submit Comment”. You can also reply to comments as well. Just click on “Reply” below the comment you want to respond to, and follow the above process.

What’s the stuff at the very bottom?

Below everything at the end of the page, there are three links. “About Soshified” lets you read about Soshified’s history and what Soshified does. “Contact” lets you e-mail Soshified.  And “RSS” allows you to view Soshified works in a standard format.

Who designed the new home page and helped to make it all work?

The new visual design was put together by Justin, one of Soshified’s Graphic Designers, who designed the overall theme of the new home page. Pubsquash, one of our Super Moderators, assisted with the theme’s layout, and several other Graphic Designers helped to design the graphics and effects.

On the nuts and bolts side of things, three Tech Admins worked tirelessly to get the new home page up and running. KyopoCanuck did a great deal of work such as preparing infrastructure/servers, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and integrating systems between the forum and the new portal. Leddy coded the theme itself and also helped to fix bugs. Lastly, grayfm migrated all of the old content to the new WordPress article system on the portal, added the YouTube feeds, and assisted with coding.

Please look around and explore our new home page. We hope that you’re just as excited as we are about this new face of Soshified, and that this new portal serves you well.

Your Soshified Staff

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